Lucky & Dior Pretty Party: Hosted by Clumps of Mascara

Good Morning lovelies!!! The weekend is here and I’m loving it. Saturdays are my favorite because I feel like those are your run errands, clean up, and event days! Ok so a few weeks ago the lovely beauty and makeup connoisseur Brittany Thomas of Clumps of Mascara invited me and a couple of other bloggers to Lucky Magazine’s Dior Pretty Party. Of course when I received the invite I already knew I was going to go. First of all, I love love Lucky Magazine! It is one of my FAVORITE magazines because I feel as though they have some of the best articles on beauty and fashion. Secondly, I do enjoy wearing make up even though I only wear it for special occasions and events but gaining new make up tips is not a bad move in my opinion.

The event was held at the Dior Counter/Area at Aventura Mall from 6-8pm. My good friend/blogger Schevashea of Curves and Confidence was in attendance as well. You all are probably thinking, “These girls hang out ALL the time LOL”. This is true! We get invited to similar events and we also enjoy each others company. She doesn’t really wear make up but she thought it would be a great experience and a chance to meet Brittany and other bloggers.

Unfortunately, I missed the chance to really chit chat with other bloggers because I came late due to that mean and awful traffic. The majority of us follow each other on twitter now so it’s cool. We can keep in touch through there. I did meet this free lance writer with a bubbly personality named Dee. We hit it off and we discussed the problems we have with wearing eye shadow because we have HOODED EYE LIDS which means we have to watch how we put on our eye shadow else we will look like we got BEAT UP! Yes I said it lol. I’ve had to wipe off all my eye shadow before because it looked a mess. Luckily, my make up artist Monica hooked me up. She taught me a few techniques on how to obtain a smokey eye without me looking crazy! Kudos to you Monica! Hopefully I will be able to execute the same results when I do it next time. I’ll keep you all posted on how that goes. Without further a do let’s take a look at these pictures below.

Brittany on the left taking pictures of the ladies get their make up done!

Schevashea and I trying to put eye shadow on our other eye after our make up artists did our first eye. I think we did pretty good!!

Dee!!! You look beautiful darling!

Dee helped me answer a make-up question and I won a $20 Bloomingdales gift card that could be used to purchase something at the Dior Counter. Schevashea won one as well and since she doesn’t wear make up she gave me hers and I was able to buy the lip gloss that Monica asked me to try. I LOVE IT! Thanks Schevashea ::kisses::

ALL the girls after the pretty party with our Lucky Magazines of course!! Thanks Lucky Magazine for sponsoring such a cute and lovely event.

Outfit Details: Shirt:Dream Era ($22)// Vest: OLD, Wet Seal//Wide legged jeans: Marshalls $10//Bracelet/Ring/Earrings: Miami Accessory store//Purse: STEVEN 

(Above) Brittany and I after the party! Thanks again Brittany for the invite. I really enjoyed myself! And of course I had to pose as well. I loved my make up! Especially the foundation and eye shadow!!

I just love my ring. It was my first time wearing it and I received a couple of compliments.

Schevashea looking fab as usual! Love those red pants!! Us in Zara being silly. We had a great time!

My new Dior Lip Gloss $28 which I received for free because I had TWO gift cards ::bbm dancing face:: I will be wearing this tonight to the Kevin Hart Comedy Show!! I love it and it loves me too lol. 

More pics from the evening….



Well, I am getting ready to clean and then head to hair salon. I hope you all enjoy your Saturday and thanks for stopping by ✌.