The Disappearing Act

Outside of Benihana!!! Outfit Details-Shirt:Seven 7/Jeans:Jolt/Purse:STEVEN/Shoes:Diba/Earrings,Ring,and bracelets:XX21

Happy Saturday my lovely readers!!! I would like to apologize again for disappearing. At school right now we have snakes on the playground which is preventing the teachers and students from going outside. That pretty much means that I can’t take pictures lol. I have no clue when we will be able to go outside again but I will try my best to try and blog more consistently! I’ve been so sad that I haven’t been able to blog. Please forgive me! Ok last week I went to Benihana AGAIN! lol for Happy Hour. They serve Sushi and drinks half off Monday through Thursday which is pretty cool. Our bill was very light! I love having girls night out and I hadn’t seen these girls in a while so I was even more excited to spend time with them.

After we had Sushi we drove over to one my favorite dessert spots called Yogurtland! This place is awesome. Not only do u get yummy yogurt but it is reasonably priced. I’m sure there are different yogurt places in each city but Yogurtland is probably the best spot because its the cheapest!! If you have a Yogurtland near you and haven’t checked it out I encourage you to swing by there. You won’t be disappointed!

So today I participated in the first ever Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in the state of Florida!! It was such an AMAZING EVENT!! Many people came out to walk in honor of those who passed away from Preeclampsia or those who survived from the condition.

Preeclampsia Survivor

My friend Fathiyyah Doster pictured below is a survivor of Preeclampsia. If you are wondering what Preeclamspsia is it is a medical condition in which hypertension arises in pregnancy (pregnancy-induced hypertension) in association with significant amounts of protein in the urine. To learn more about this medical condition please visit the Preeclampsia Foundation website!!

Nykenya,Fathiyyah and Me about to start the walk!!

My Jewel Sister's were in attendance to support our sister and friend Fathiyyah!!!

Nykenya and I

My Mom and Dad participated in the walk 🙂

After the walk I went to the mall to finish Mother’s Day shopping. Glad that I was able to get that out the way! Tonight my Miami Heat play the Celtics and I’m praying for another win for us! I’m sure we can do it….WE THE BEST (DJ Khaled voice lol). I hope you all have a great Saturday night and I hope that all my mother’s enjoy their day tomorrow! Thanks for reading ✌.