Let me UPDATE you



Hey everyone!! I haven’t really done blog posts in a while except for my giveaway. I decided to share with you all what I have been up to. So a few weeks ago my friends and I went to Happy Hour at Benihana (My Favorite restaurant). Its the BEST place to get incredible and quality Sushi at reasonable prices. The sushi rolls are originally priced at $8 but since it is happy hour, Sunday through Thursday, select sushi rolls are half-off!! You still get 8 rolls just for a cheaper price. I LOVE IT! Well this time when we went we decided to do Saki bombs. That went great at first except for the fact that the beer went everywhere lol. Since we had Saki left over we decided to take Saki shots…If you look at the pics above you can see how that went!

My sis and I at the Family Reunion Banquet

A few weeks ago my family had our annual family reunion! We try and do reunions every 2 years. This year was a BLAST! We had a cookout on a Friday night, BBQ/Game day at a park on Saturday and a banquet later on that night. It was great seeing my family, especially those who I only get to see every couple of years. Each time we have a reunion it is in a different city or state. Our next family reunion will be in Tennessee 2013.

My cousin Antonia and I. Check out Passionsontopofpassions.blogspot.com

Demetria @ Essence Festival

My friend is the FIRST one in line to get her book signed 🙂

Last month I did a post about Demetria Lucas‘ first book called A Belle in Brooklyn! Well I finished it a few weeks ago and I have to say that it was a good read. I’d give it an 8 out of 10. I love the fact that she gave real life stories and great advice that many women need to read and put to use…including myself! Never stop learning. Lucas was at the Essence Festival two weeks ago and my friend actually had the pleasure of meeting her and getting her book signed. I am hoping that she comes to the South Florida area so I can have that same experience lol. We’ll see what happens. If you haven’t already purchased your book then I suggest you look into it. Borders, Amazon and Barnes and Noble always have sales so check your nearest bookstore to see who has the best deal.

Tyrese has a new book that has been out for a couple of months now. I heard great things about this book from others that were reading it but I hadn’t gotten around to purchasing it. After watching him speak on the Monique Show two weeks ago I was Sold! The next day I went and bought the book. I started the book but I haven’t been reading it like I should be so I can’t tell you what I think so far lol. I’ll keep you posted though. Check your local bookstores for his book.

Speaking of books. At the beginning of the June I entered a contest on my friend’s blog—> Racquelshenry.blogspot.com. Her blog’s main focus is on books and writing! She picked two winners, I was one of them and my prize was a book. Recently I decided on which book I wanted to read and once I receive it I will let you know more about it. Thanks again Racquel!!!

Next order of business! Who run’s the world…BEYONCE!

Beyonce has been ghost for a while but now she is BACK! Her new cd titled 4 is in stores now. If you haven’t purchased it yet then you are missing OUT!! OMG! Every song is awesome. My top 5 songs on the CD would have to be End of Time (the beat is catchy), I care, 1+1, Best thing I never hadand I miss you. Those songs are in heavy rotation.

I can’t wait until she goes on tour again. I am such a huge fan of Beyonce. I’ve seen her 5 times…YES! 5 times! I first saw her in 2001 when she was with Destiny’s Child and they headlined the TRL tour which featured Nelly and the St.Lunatics, Eve, City High, 3LWand a few others that I forgot lol. It was my very first concert and I had a blast. The second time I saw her was in 2004 where she did a tour with Missy Elliot, Tamia and Alicia Keys. This was basically her first concert where she was solo. The best part was that she kicked off the concert in Miami and Jay-z was her special guest. That was the first time I saw him in concert (I saw him later that year when he went on tour). He came out at the VERY end and I remember screaming because we thought the concert was over because she said bye lol. I will never forget that. The next time I saw her was in 2005 when she reunited with Destiny’s Child to do their last group tour. The 4th time was in 2007 in Tampa for the B-day tour or whatever it was called lol. My sis flew down from Boston and my mom came up from Miami to see Beyonce perform. Robin Thicke was there as well. Which made it an incredible concert! B-day was such a great album! The 5th time I saw her was in 2009 in Miami for the I AM tour! That concert was very futuristic and you can tell she put in a lot of work and time into making this tour great. If you have never seen Beyonce in concert I suggest you get your ticket when they go on sale. You will not regret it 🙂

The last thing I want to talk about it is the giveaway that my friend Linique (Diary of A Random Girl) and I are doing right now with Queen B’s Accessories!!! Click on the picture above and it will take you to the giveaway post. The last day to enter is this FRIDAY! I hope you all have a great night and thanks for reading!