A SassyWoman Stationary Set by Olive Paperie

Good morning my lovely readers!!! I would just like to share with you all what I received in the mail a few days ago! A wonderful woman named Dana owns her own business which is called Olive Paperie where she creates different kinds of designs for stationary and other types of items. The first time I saw her work was on my blogging buddies blog Fashionistanextdoor.

I loved how it turned out so I messaged Dana to find out if she could create a stationary set for myself and she did a great job! I like how she incorporated books into one of the cards because I’m a teacher and a skirt in the next one. I do wear a lot of skirts lol. It’s always good to have your own personalized cards so if you are interested in getting some made please email her at Olivepaperie@hotmail.com or follow her on twitter @OlivePaperie.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday. Big games come on today and I sure will be watching and relaxing!! I am praying for a win by the Miami Heat today! We are playing the Chicago Bulls and I know that it will be a tough one but I have faith that we can do it! Thanks for reading ✌.