ASW’s Favorite Moments of 2011

Good Morning ASW readers!! Well its 2 days before the New Year and I decided to share with you all my favorite moments of 2011! Let’s get straight to it lovelies.

1.) My favorite moment of 2011 has to be the growth of my hair! I think I spoke about my hair battles in a few of my posts and I explained to you all that since 2008 my hair has not been the same. This year I tried out different hair products and I also started going to Dominican hairstylists more often. I started to notice a big transformation in my hair texture/length. I can’t go each week so when I wash my hair myself I use Cream of Nature products (Shampoo and Conditioner set). These products are the truth. I plan to use these for a couple of more months and then switch to new products because I’ve read that it is great to try new shampoos and conditioners on your hair as it begins to grow. Speaking of new products, I was one of the winners of Love Brown Sugar’s Christmas Giveaways and one twice during the Christmas time. I won a Modalista belt (which came in the mail yesterday), click here and I also won a set of Kera Plus Products which I can’t wait to receive so I can try them out, click here. I will definitely let you all know how that goes!

2.) Becoming A Sassy Woman! I love love love love the fact that I am a blogger. ASW was established February 4th and I’m so glad that I was able to find the courage to start this blog. I’ve met so many bloggers and attended so many events by becoming a blogger. In addition to attending events and meeting new people I also won a numerous amount of giveaways this year!! Woot Woot. Special shout out to my blogging buddies who I have had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with throughout the year–> Curves and Confidence, Fashion Devottee (Known her for years), A Diva’s Mom Journey, Nic-picks, Her Perfect black dress, The Seventh District, StyleChic360, I Style LLC, Diary of a Random Girl, Passions on top of Passions, The Fashionista Next Door, Ticka-spoon full of Sugar, Pulling Strings, Clumps of Mascara,  A Fendi Bag and A Bad Attitude and many many more! These bloggers are so friendly and they love and adore blogging. I can’t wait to see what is in stored for ASW in 2012!!!

3.) Meeting Diane Von Furstenberg!! My was that an experience. My lovely friend Schevashea of Curves and Confidence was the one who originally informed me that the lovely Diane was coming to Aventura Mall so of course we had to be in attendance! She is such a sweet lady.

4.) Spending Spring Break with my sister in Washington D.C. and New York City! We had a wonderful time wandering through the American Museum of National History. I think that is the biggest museum I have ever been in so far. There were approx. 6 floors in the building and there was so much to cover and we didn’t even get to all of it.

5.) Celebrating my 25th Birthday with friends and family!! I had such a great time with everyone during my birthday weekend. I love you all! Kisses ♥

6.) Attending the Watch the Throne concert was soooo much fun! You had to have been there to understand. Jay and Kanye put on such a great performance.

7.) On May 7,2011 I walked in the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia! My good good friend Fathiyyah Doster who actually battled with the actual Eclampsia last year for about 3 months. By the grace of God Fathiyyah was released from the hospital and a year later was able to put on such a great walk! It was an awesome turn out and she said next years walk will be even better. Can’t wait! If you want to participate in a walk in your city/state head on over to the website for more information so that you can join a team!

8.) I put on a ladies brunch a few months ago and it was a great turn out and a lot of fun. Hopefully I can put together another one by February!!

9.) Brunch and Boogie picked me as their Trendsetter Spotlight last month! I was truly excited and grateful for the opportunity. I met some awesome individuals and had a great time at the event.

10.) My last favorite moment would have to be attending Lucky Magazine Dior Pretty Party hosted by Brittany Thomas of Clumps of Mascara! She was an awesome hostess and she is also my fellow USF Alumni. Go Bulls!!!

This year has been pretty good to me! I know that next year will be even better because I am already making plans. We all have those moments that we experience each year that we would love to re-live again. I wish we had a good ole’ time machine lol

What were your favorite moments of 2011? 

Happy Holidays,