2 for 1: OOTD + What to wear to a wedding in the Spring


Hello lovely people!! I hope you all had a wonderful day. I decided to do another 2 for 1 today that focuses on my OOTD and different outfits you could wear to a spring wedding!

I’m so excited that we are half way there to that good ol’ Friday! Just two more days and then the weekend will be here!! Today was such a beautiful day outside. The past two days were rainy and gross. I didn’t feel like doing nothing. It is supposed to rain this weekend though which sucks. You all are probably thinking….Is she a little weather girl or something? lol I just like to know what’s going on.

I am still dealing with the Heat’s loss to the Cavs! It doesn’t make any sense to me. We’ve beat them 3 times before and for the Heat to allow them to win makes my stomach hurt. Oh well, we’ll beat them next time for sure! Speaking of a game…Did you watch The Game season Finale last night? I thought it was good but I wanted more! lol The show was only on for like 3 months and it went by really fast. Hopefully Season 5 will start in the Fall and end in the Spring like regular shows SMH! All in all it was a great episode!

Outfit Details–>Shirt:NY&Co./Pants:Charlotte Russe/Cardigan:XX21/Belt:came w/Charlotte Russe pants/Shoes:Steve Madden/Bracelets:Gift/Earrings:NYC accessory store/Watch:Baby G-shock/Sunnies:XX21



Spring time is here as we all know and now it’s time to dust off those beautiful sundresses and bright colored outfits that you love and adore. My friend/reader of my blog is attending a wedding this weekend and we thought it would be great to put together outfits that you could wear to a wedding in the Spring. I hope that you like them and you find them useful! To get the details on each outfit just click on the specific item and it will take you to the original site. Enjoy.

Ashley’s Looks

Wedding 2


Wedding 1


Nykenya’s Looks





Thanks for reading and have a good night! ✌



Curly Sue

Hello my wonderful readers!!! I hope you all had a wonderful day. My day was pretty interesting I must say. As a teacher every day brings something new. We are almost done with the school year and I am getting a little sad because I love my students and I’m going to really miss them. We’ve had our ups and downs but I still adore my students. #Thedayinthelifeofateacher

I am currently watching the Heat vs. Cavs game and I am so upset right now. WHY are the Heat losing? We’ve beat this team like 3 times already. Get it together heat! Anyways, you all may have noticed that I curled my hair! I am trying not to put that much heat on my hair so I thought I’d leave it curly for a while. It is so easy and fun. I don’t have to comb it and check to make sure my hair is still curled. I’m loving this hairstyle right now.

Shirt:Target/Skirt:NY&Co./Belt:OLD/Shoes:Charlotte Russe/Cardigan:The Limited/Earrings:Old/Ring:NYC accessory store/Necklace:Betsey Johnson




I’ve had this skirt for a couple of months now. I bought it around Christmas time and I decided to wait until I could wear it with a colorful top like the one that I am wearing in the picture. I almost thought that I’d have to wear this outfit on another day because I wasn’t able to find the shirt this morning at first. I searched my closet and finally found it on the ground. It must have fell off the hanger. I’m just glad I found it!!!
















I love draped wrap skirts! I think they are so cute and fun. I love wearing nice pencil or A line skirt but it’s always good to switch things up. That is one of the reasons why I bought the skirt.

Well, I am going to finish watching the Heat vs. Cavs game! I hope you all have wonderful night and don’t forget to watch The Game on BET @10pm tonight! It’s the season Finale and it should be juicy. Thanks for reading. Good night!




Yep that’s right! My favorite color is GREEN! I think that the color is beautiful and that it is easy to match different colors up with it! As you all know, I love to take risks when I get dressed and break those matchy-matchy rules. Well this is what I came up with this morning. I’ve been dying to wear this top and I didn’t want to wear black pants/skirt with it so I decided to match it with peasant skirt! I love the mix of the two G’s-Gray and Green!

This skirt is really long and I sometimes step on my dress because of the length. Well, today I surely tripped going up the steps and hurt my left pinky! My pinky finger was so red! It feels better now though just incase you are wondering!

Shirt:Robin K.//Green peasant Skirt:Charlotte Russe//Belt:bought in the Bahamas//Shoes:Mia//Earrings:XX21//Bracelet:accessory store in Miami//Watch:Baby G-shock//Sunnies:XX21

I’m trying to take in all of this lovely weather because next week I will be in Washington D.C and NYC and you all know that it is freezing up there! By the way I plan to start packing for my trip this Wednesday so that I know what I have and what I may need to pick up from the mall/store. Wish me luck!










Ok so 4 more days until Spring Break!! I’m so excited to relax and hang out with my friends and family! On another note, I am so sorry for just publishing this post so late! WordPress was having technical difficulties earlier which prevented me from writing and posting pictures. Hopefully things will run smoothly tomorrow. I hope you all had a magnificent Monday! Thanks for reading ✌.