What to Wear to a Holiday Party

Outfit Deets--> Dress & Bracelet: XX21//Shoes: Jessica Simpson//Earrings: Kreative Kreations

Good Morning ASW readers!! It’s been a while since I have blogged but I have had a lot going on. I sure hope that you all are doing well and that you are enjoying the holiday season so far. This past Friday night I went to a staff holiday party which was so much fun. The picture above is me with what I wore to the party on Friday. I know that many of you all are attending holiday parties so I thought I would share with you all some ideas on what to wear. I know we are all on a budget this holiday season so I made sure that the dresses were reasonably priced as well as the accessories. I hope that you will find the information useful and I know you all will look stunning in your dresses!

The dress that I wore to last weeks party ↑ is something that I have had for a while. I wore it to an engagement party that I attended a couple of years ago. I thought that it looked festive enough to wear and I was happy because I didn’t have to buy anything lol. I know that we all love to go out and buy ourselves something new but sometimes it is best to recycle the clothing that is in your closet. Clothes are meant to be worn not to just sit in your closet. A few years ago I would rarely repeat some of the items in my closet but I have learned to utilize all the items in my closet because 1) It saves money and time 2) I get to wear the item again.

Holiday party ideas

*Click on the thumbnail’s under each set to learn more about the pricing and brand of each dress*

Holiday Dresses
Holiday Dresses 2
Holiday shoes and accessories
I hope you all have a wonderful day and happy holiday shopping!!!

WHAT TO WEAR…. Watch the Throne concert!!

Good Afternoon readers!! I hope everyone had an outstanding weekend. I sure did. I am so excited about this week because Friday, November 11 is Veterans Day which means NO SCHOOL!!! Woot WoOt. Special shout out to all the veterans including my grandfather and my daddy!

SoOooo guess what readers??? Next Tuesday, November 15, I am attending the Watch the Throne Concert at the American Airlines Arena. I know a couple of my readers are attending as well so I thought that I’d put together a few looks that you could consider wearing to the concert. I apologize in advance for not including the brands and prices for the items but wordpress was acting up and I wasn’t able to include them in the post. I did include a list of places where I think these items could be purchased at reasonable prices. Enjoy!

If you are interested in purchasing similar items please check ↓

  • Forever 21 -Animal Print Top, Blazer, and Accessories
  • Bakers/Steve Madden- Black Heels
  • Zara/Urban Outfitters- Harem pants
If you are interested in purchasing similar items please check ↓
  • Charlotte Russe/Macys – Sequin Top, Bangles, earrings
  • JCPenney – Leggings and Blazer
  • Forever 21 – Clutch
  • Steve Madden/Bakers – Pumps
If you are interested in purchasing similar items please check ↓
  • Forever 21 – Jumpsuit, accessories, nail polish, clutch
  • Love Culture – Vest
  • Dillards/Steve Madden – Green pumps
If you are attending the Watch the Throne concert I hope that you will find an outfit that you love and feel comfortable in. I’ve heard from a couple of people that we will be standing up the whole time because it is such a great show so if you are wearing heels I do advise you to bring a pair of flats. Lastly, if you are interested in going to the concert check out Ticketmaster.com. There are still plenty of tickets left.

2 for 1: OOTD + What to wear to my 25th birthday Celebration


Good morning my wonderful readers!! What do you all have planned today? I have to pay a visit to a couple of shoe stores to find my birthday heels! Wish me luck! I should have posted this yesterday but I was tired from work and had no energy to do a post 😦 My sister called me last night and asked me where is the post for Friday? So I said that I would do a post in the morning. Yesterday was casual day at work. I went to work very casual as you can see. I just wanted to be comfortable. Since it is quite early in the morning I don’t have much to talk about today. I just wanted to show you what I wore yesterday and to show you the looks that I put together for my birthday celebration.

Shirt, Jeans, & Vest:XX21/Belt:Walmart/Shoes:Nine West/Necklace:Miami Accessory store/Earrings:Idk/Bracelets:Random/Watch:D

Oh and by the way E.L.F is having a great special right now. If you purchase $25 or more of their products then you will receive 10 $1 items for FREE! Isn’t that amazing? I have already picked out a good amount of stuff and I will be sharing my purchases once I receive them in the mail. 



The first part of my birthday celebration is at an upscale club which means my guests and I will be getting FANCY! A few of my friends needed some ideas on what they should wear, so below are some looks that I have put together for both men and women.

My 25th Birthday Party
My 25th Birthday Party
My 25th Birthday Party 4
My 25th Birthday party 3

Well folks this post was very quick and short. I have a couple of things that I need to get done today. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and thanks for reading.

Cute and Affordable Date Night Looks

Ladies we always say these 5 words: I have nothing to wear! I know for a fact that I can testify to that because I am quick to tell a friend that I need to head to the mall and pick up something to wear for whatever occasion I am going to. It is hard for ladies to find things to wear when we are going on a date, especially if it the FIRST date! Those are tough ones because you want to make a great impression on the person and everything needs to be right!

I put together a picture collage of some of my favorite celebrities who have been out on dates with their loved ones. As you can see I have some celebrities wearing dressy attire and some who are casual attire. It all just depends on where you are going. For example, the post that I did the other day was about Angela Simmons, the daughter of Rev Run, who wore a cute dress to a basketball game but in my opinion and others it was entirely too dressy to be worn at a basketball game. You have to dress for the occasion else you will probably feel out of place.

Below are some looks I have put together. I hope you will find them useful.

1. Casual date night look-Basketball game/Casual dining/Improv ↓

Date Night 1

2. Dressy Casual look-Upscale restaurant/Lounge/Out for drinks ↓
Date Night 2
3. Casual look-Movies/Casual dining/Bowling ↓
Date Night 3

4. Dressy Date-Upscale restaurant/club/Show/Birthday party ↓
Date Night 4
5. Casual look-Movie night indoors ↓
Date Night 5
I did this post for those who are dating and want to change up their look or who may just not know what to wear for a particular occasion. I hope you found these looks helpful. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. One last thing, remember if you need any help with putting together an outfit or need me to find you something please don’t hesitate to contact me. ✌

2 for 1: OOTD + What to wear to a wedding in the Spring


Hello lovely people!! I hope you all had a wonderful day. I decided to do another 2 for 1 today that focuses on my OOTD and different outfits you could wear to a spring wedding!

I’m so excited that we are half way there to that good ol’ Friday! Just two more days and then the weekend will be here!! Today was such a beautiful day outside. The past two days were rainy and gross. I didn’t feel like doing nothing. It is supposed to rain this weekend though which sucks. You all are probably thinking….Is she a little weather girl or something? lol I just like to know what’s going on.

I am still dealing with the Heat’s loss to the Cavs! It doesn’t make any sense to me. We’ve beat them 3 times before and for the Heat to allow them to win makes my stomach hurt. Oh well, we’ll beat them next time for sure! Speaking of a game…Did you watch The Game season Finale last night? I thought it was good but I wanted more! lol The show was only on for like 3 months and it went by really fast. Hopefully Season 5 will start in the Fall and end in the Spring like regular shows SMH! All in all it was a great episode!

Outfit Details–>Shirt:NY&Co./Pants:Charlotte Russe/Cardigan:XX21/Belt:came w/Charlotte Russe pants/Shoes:Steve Madden/Bracelets:Gift/Earrings:NYC accessory store/Watch:Baby G-shock/Sunnies:XX21



Spring time is here as we all know and now it’s time to dust off those beautiful sundresses and bright colored outfits that you love and adore. My friend/reader of my blog is attending a wedding this weekend and we thought it would be great to put together outfits that you could wear to a wedding in the Spring. I hope that you like them and you find them useful! To get the details on each outfit just click on the specific item and it will take you to the original site. Enjoy.

Ashley’s Looks

Wedding 2


Wedding 1


Nykenya’s Looks





Thanks for reading and have a good night! ✌