Recap: Shecky’s Girls Night Out Miami – Fall 2011

Happy Saturday my lovelies!!! I am so glad that it is Saturday. No WORK ::cheers:: What are your plans for today? My day consists of cleaning (as usual), running errands, and celebrating my friends birthday at Tatu, located at the Hard Rock. I do not have the slightest clue as to what I am going to wear yet but I’m sure something will hop out at me later when I look in my closet.

Anywho, let’s get into this recap of last night’s Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out event held at the Moore Building in the District of Miami, Florida. Let’s just say this was a ONE time event. Luckily, Schevashea of Curves and Confidence and I were able to purchase our tickets for only $11 (which included general admission + goody bag) because Shecky’s was gracious enough to discount the tickets for a couple of hours on November 11. If I had to pay $30 for this event I would have been highly upset.

First off all to valet your car was chaos. The line would barely move so we decided to park about a block down and valet through  a restaurant since metered parking was not available. Once we handled the parking situation we headed to the Moore Building. The set up was kind of cool but the event was not organized. There were separate areas where you had to check in and then you had to walk all the way to the back of the building to get your goody bag. I did not understand that concept at all but I surely did walk back there and get my bag lol. I do have to say that they had plenty of complimentary drinks for us to sip on while we shopped and took pictures. I think with a better location and more vendors the event would have been better.

There were at least 15 to 20 vendors that sold jewelry/accessories. Some of the booths were pricey and then some were reasonably priced. We found a great accessory booth that we felt had awesome jewelry at great prices. We each purchased two earrings from Nicky B’s that were very happy with. The clothing that was on sale last night was not to my liking and neither were the purses.

Take a look at the pictures below to view pictures of us and the event.

A great number of women waited in line for a mini manicure!

Outfit Deets- Top: Seven for all mankind// Jeans: Charlotte Russe// Shoes: Mona’s $49.99 Bakers (Sold Out) // Clutch: XX21//Bangles: Assortment// Earrings: Aldo// Headband: Miami Accessory Store 

My girls!! Don’t they look fabulous?? Love India’s top and Schevashea’s bag!!

QREAM is Pharrel’s alcoholic beverage! The taste was different yet yummy!

Nicky B’s accessories were a hot commodity last night! She was selling out of everything. This is where we purchased our earrings. To view more of Nicky B’s accessories click here. Enjoy!

These are the two earrings I purchased last night. I really like them and can’t wait to wear them.

My Goody Bag! I can actually say that I will be using ALL of my items. Not bad for only paying $11.

More pictures from Sheckys’ Girl’s Night Out 



Enjoy your Saturday! Thanks for stopping by ✌.