Operation…black skirt!

*This post is very random with the fonts and picture sizes. I clicked on something and it went crazy! Please forgive me 🙂
Ok so I have been wanting to wear a black skirt for the longest but considering the fact that within the past year I have went from a size 0 to a size 4/5 I can’t fit a good amount of shorts and skirts. I have hips and it prohibits me from wearing certain bottoms that I used to wear :(. Anyways, I am trying my hardest to NOT shop until Washington and New York so I have to make do with what the clothes that I have. With that being said, I took this 2 in 1 outfit and created a skirt. Since the waist area fits me nicely I thought that I would just cut off the shirt and use the bottom part as a skirt! Below is a picture of what it looked like after I cut off the shirt.

Yay! I have a new skirt! lol

Cardigan:J.Crew/Pink Ruffled Tank:NY&Co./Belt:Random/Skirt:DIY (Do it yourself)


Bracelet:Random/Watch:Baby G-shock


I love this top! It was my first time wearing this shirt today and I was uber excited!
I call it my Michelle Obama inspiration Look! lol

Getting dressed each morning can be fun and it can also be frustrating! This morning it was nice and fun because I already knew what I was wearing. Plus, I had to make sure I left my house at 7 am because I needed to drop my car off at the shop so that they could put a new tire on my car. I had a nail in my tire the other day and I have a tire plan where if one of my tires goes flat then I can get one replaced for FREE!  ♥ that price! Don’t you love when you receive blessings like that? Yea, ME too!
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow! Thanks for reading!