South Florida’s Brunch and Boogie: Homeless Awareness +Trendsetter Spotlight

Good Evening wonderful people!! This past Sunday I attended Brunch and Boogie (I discussed what this event is about in a previous post…click here for more information) which is held at Elle’s in Miramar, Florida. Sunday’s event focused on Homeless Awareness. We are blessed to have a roofs over our heads, food to eat, a job to go to each day and family and friends who love us but when it is time to give back we aren’t willing to sacrifice our time to volunteer and help others that are less fortunate than we are. When I was in college (USF) I was very involved in my community. I am apart of a community service organization called Jewels of Tau. Shout out to my Jewel Sisters J-E-W-E-L!! We did at least 4 community service projects a month. Even though I do not volunteer like I used to I try my best to give back the best way that I can and you should too. Homeless Awareness day is December 8, 2011. I will be putting up more information as well as a flyer in another post so be on the look out for that.

In addition, to Homeless Awareness, I was also chosen as the Trendsetter Spotlight for the month of November for Brunch and Boogie. I was ecstatic and honored to even be recognized for the work that I do as blogger/educator in my community. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks Shawn and Annesia for choosing me as this months Trendsetter Spotlight. I enjoyed the music, the complimentary drink (Purple Bubbly) and dessert. Below is what was written about me in the Brunch and Boogie Bulletin ⇓. Enjoy!


Ashley Lorraine; 25 year old fashionista, blogger, educator and just “A Sassy Woman”, embodies the true spirit of a trendsetter. She’s coordinated fashion forwardness in attire, mind, and body into a blog hotspot. “A Sassy Woman” (ASW) entertains and educates its readership with a bold blend of sensible sophistication and a fresh perspectives on everyday life. Pursuing her passion for life and fashion through blogging has opened the doorways to opportunities and success for Lorraine. Since it’s inception in February, ASW, has blossomed form an online community with currently over 23,000 hits into a South Florida social network for real life connections. Lorraine’s is trendsetting stylized adventure in “fashion, beauty, health and life”.

My friends and I hanging out on the couch at Brunch and Boogie

Our breakfast/lunch was great as usual. I ordered the Omelette and it was great. I really fell in love with the bread. Yum!

The DJ was great which made everyone want to get up and dance

Tony Austin Jr. owns Soulful Desserts. I had the pleasure of tasting one of his cupcakes and it was delicious.

Contact information. Phone:786-529-SOUL//

Annesia (VIP Hostess) and I

So I didn’t talk much about my outfit…So here it goes. I wasn’t in the mood to wear a dress or skirt so I chose to wear shorts. The top that I am wearing actually was dress but I hated the way it looked after I washed it so I cut it and made it a cute ruffled top. Then I paired it will my leopard belt and cute strappy heels.

Outfit Deets: Top/Dress: A’Gaci//Shorts:Express//Shoes: Jessica Simpson//Belt and bracelet:XX21//Earrings:Aldo//Lipgloss: Dior Addict -Ultra Gloss Flash 756. 

More pictures from Brunch and Boogie




Brunch and Boogie happens once a month at Elles. Next month there will not be a brunch but it will start up again in January. Make sure that you follow @BrunchandBoogie on Twitter. Well folks, its been a long day. I am getting ready to go grocery shopping and then come home to relax. Thanks for stopping by ✌.