Hello my lovely readers!! As we all know Spring is FINALLY here! Well….the weather has changed for the majority of southern states but NOT for the Northern States. My sister lives in DC and she told me yesterday that it is still cold and I was just in NYC last weekend and it was freezing there as well.

Well today I went out for lunch and decided to wear some items out of my closet that I haven’t gotten a chance to wear yet. When I put this outfit together I knew that I wanted to incorporate some color into my outfit so that it wouldn’t look too dull. So I paired the skirt and shirt with these cute yellow flower thong sandals. They are super comfortable and I really like the color.

Anyways, my pictures didn’t turn out the best because I wasn’t wearing sunglasses and it was very sunny outside…Which means that my eyes look really CHINKY! My date was taking the pictures for me and he did a good job taking pictures of me and also when I was distracted. That is why I gave this post that name. Well turns out the distracted looks looked better than me actually looking at the camera. I hope you all will still enjoy this post and also my OOTD!

Shirt:Romeo and Juliet Couture/Skirt:H&M/Belt:Random/Shoes:Nine West/Bracelet:Sun Metal Jewelry/Necklace:Gift from one of my students/Earrings:H&M/Rings:Random accessory stores

My day went really well. The food was good as well as the conversation. The weather was also great as well today. Hot and Sunny! In a few weeks I want to head to the beach!! That is next on my agenda. Let’s take a look at the details of my outfit ↓.

I love this shirt. I purchased it while I was on Spring break in DC at a store called Filene’s Basement! The store sells designer clothing at discounted prices. I purchased this Romeo and Juliet Couture shirt at the price of $6.99!! Can you believe it? It was originally a $40 shirt. I was too excited!!

I’ve had this zig zag H & M skirt for a couple of months now. I bought it when I was in DC last October. I do plan on wearing this skirt with other tops that I have in my closet. It can be dressed up or down which is pretty neat.

I stated earlier in my post that Spring is here and in full affect down here in the south. My good friend Nykenya put together some really cute Spring looks! These outfits can be worn to work, on a lunch date, to an outside concert, bar-b-que, etc. Enjoy.


I hope you all enjoyed your Friday. I know I sure did. I took yesterday and today off from work and it was so nice having those two days off! Thanks for reading and good night ✌