Central Park

Good Morning to all! I just wanted to show you what I’ve been up to since I’ve been in NYC! I arrived this past Thursday night and I have seen so much already! lol. I’m uploading the pictures to my facebook account so if you would like to see more don’t hesitate to look. The album is called “Spring Break Fun 2011“. It’s crazy because the majority of my clothes that I packed were all warm clothes but yesterday it was HOT. Today is supposed to be cold and I am not looking forward to it but I don’t want to stay in the house so I will definitely have on more clothes today.

Yesterday, I went to the American Museum of Natural History with my sister. It was very fun experience and I really enjoyed it. We spent 2 hours looking at exhibits in the museum. To be honest though, that museum is ridicously huge so a person could roughly spend 4 + hours in there. We wanted to do other things so we left after 2 hours. Below are some pictures I took in the museum.

Sis looking at facts about a certain rock

About to go look at Dinosaurs


This pose is SO out of my character!

Ok So I only put up a few pictures from the museum because I still wanted to show you pictures of other things. After we went to the museum of course we had to go…….SHOPPING! lol Remember in my Spring Break plans post I talked about how I’ve been dying to go to the Century 21 store. Well my sister and I went yesterday and I have to say that it was an OKAY experience. It was extremely crowded and they could have had more items to chose from. I ended up finding a couple of things. I LOVE shoes and Century 21’s show collection needs to be updated. I didn’t see ANY shoes that I was excited about AT ALL! Below is a picture of me standing in line for a fitting room!

I look exhausted lol...

Bought a NYC bag from Canal Street to put my shopping bags in!

After shopping my sister and I met up with her friend whose place we are staying at while we are here in NYC. I had been telling my sister that I wanted to go to Dallas BBQ’s while we were in town so we went. There were so many people in there. It’s one of the best places to eat at in NYC!

Baby Back Ribs, Baked Potato and Cornbread = YUM!

Dallas BBQ!

My sister and I in Times Square

Well I hope you enjoyed my post. I will be sure to take more pictures and share them with you all. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Saturday!!



I have arrived…

Sweater:XX21/Cargo pants:Urban Outfitters/Bomber Jacket:Bebe/Boots:Charlotte Russe/Scarf:Love Culture/Purse:STEVEN/Necklace:mom bought it for me in Africa/Earrings:Gift/Bracelet:random

As you all know, I headed out to the Maryland/DC area today!! I had a great flight. Let me take that back lol My flight was kind of uncomfortable…I had the window seat and the lady who sat next to me decided that she was going to take up ALL the space. I couldn’t even rest my elbows on the armrest of the seat which meant that it was hard for me to even read my magazine! That is not even the worst of it. The lady decides that she is going to SNORE for the entire 2 hour flight! I was too excited when the pilot said we would be landing in 10 minutes because hearing that lady snore was awful. All in all I thank God for getting me to DC safely!

After my sister and I got settled in we changed clothes so that we could head out to my sister’s favorite DC restaurant called Nando’s Peri-Peri, which serves Portuguese food! The food was DELICIOUS! If I lived here I would eat there at least once a month! This restaurant had impeccable service. If you are ever in the DC/Maryland area I would definitely recommend that you eat at this restaurant!

Doesn't this look delicious? It tastes even better with the different sauces below!

Wild Herb...Hot...Garlic..Extra Hot

Headed to Nando's!

Outfit details-->Top:Wet Seal/Jeans:XX21/Tights:Idk where I bought them/Shoes:purchased at JcPenney/Bracelet:Charlotte Russe/Earrings:Miami accessory store

My sister and I outside of the restaurant!

Well I just wanted to tell you all about my day! Thanks for reading ✌.





1 Month Anniversary!

Today is such a special day for me! I have had my blog for ONE MONTH! It went by extremely fast! I’ve had so much fun blogging about my life, giving fashion tips, answering style questions, etc. I plan to do even more in the upcoming months! Since today is my 1 month anniversary I would like for those of you who read my blog regularly but have not subscribed to my blog to SUBSCRIBE today!!! This means that you will receive emails when I update my blog! You can click on the link on the right hand side and then it will ask you to fill out some information first then the last step is to check your email address and activate the subscription by clicking on the link that is given! I would really appreciate it! ALSO, I am on BLOGLOVIN’ and I need more followers! It would be greatly appreciated if you would follow me on BLOGLOVIN’ ! You can LIKE the posts that I have done as well.

One last thing I would like to know which post this past month was your favorite! So please do the poll below 🙂 Since I have done about 28 blog posts you may have forgotten exactly what I talked about so if you click on this link BLOGLOVIN‘ it lists all of my blog posts. Don’t forget to follow me! Thanks again for all of you support! Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!! ✌


Blazer:Mandee/Brooch:an actual hair clip made into a brooch/Shirt:Old Navy (old)/Pants:Charlotte Russe/Shoes:Steve Madden/Earrings:XX21/Watch:D&G/Bracelet:XX21/Belt:came with pants



2 for 1: OOTD + Black Tea Rinse!

OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

This morning when I woke up I had already had set in my mind that I wanted to wear my high waisted black skinny leg pants! Although I knew I was going to wear the pants, I had no clue what top I would wear. I tried on at least 3 to 4 shirts and none of them looked right. But then I tried on this yellow ruffled stretchy top and I knew that it was the one. It is very colorful and that was exactly what I was looking for!

Top:Arden B./Pants:XX21 High Waist/Sweater:The Limited/Shoes:BCBG/Belt:came with another set of pants/Tank:XX21/Earrings:XX21/Bracelet:Charlotte Russe/Watch:D&G/Sunnies:XX21

I am so excited that tomorrow is Friday! Only 6 more work days and then I am OFF for an entire WEEK! It is going to feel so good to relax and enjoy that time off! I have already started making plans for what I plan to do on my days off before I head out of town! I would share it with you now but then when those days come aroudn I may not have to much to say lol. So you will just have to be patient!

So tomorrow will be my 1 month anniversary for my blog!!!! I’m so excited and I want to thank each and everyone you all for your support! I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without you all and I am very grateful!


Black Tea Rinse

As an African-American woman I know the importance of taking special care of my hair else it will become damaged. Well even though I understand the importance that doesn’t mean that I’ve always taken good care of my hair. I have put highlights and permanent color in my hair a couple of times and I failed to keep up with the treatments! Well my hair started to fall out and I was forced to cut my hair because I refused to walk around with dry and brittle ends.

My hair became damaged about 3 years ago, so ever since then I’ve been trying to get back to my original texture back and grow my hair back long and healthy! Ladies and gentlemen it has NOT been easy! But now my hair is FINALLY growing back and becoming more healthy and easier to maintain. I have been trying different hair care products to figure out which ones work well with my hair. Right now I am using Proclaim Olive glossing shampoo and conditioner products which are sold at Sally’s. While my hair is damp I use Ion’s heat protector cream. Once my hair is dry I apply Organix smoothing shea butter liquid glad serum to my hair. These products work pretty well but I need some other products that will help strengthen my hair and stop my hair from shedding so badly. It is ridiculous because I brush my hair and all these strands of hair are sitting on shoulders SMH! Well I have been watching Shana Green’s (The woman who is a finalist in the “Win your own product line”) hair care/make up videos on youtube and I came across her talking about how she did the black tea rinse challenge! After I watched the video I knew that I wanted to do it because not only was Shana rinsing her hair with black tea but others were partaking in the idea as well and seeing results! I went to the store this afternoon and bought all my materials needed for this experiment! I am getting a relaxer tomorrow so that is when I will do the black tea rinse. I will be sure to update you on how everything is going. Wish me luck!

Materials needed are Black Tea bags (any brand is fine), a bowl, water, hair color applicator,a shower cap, and a deep conditioner!! I would go into explaining everything but Shana gives specific instructions in her video. Take a look! *The videos are there…it may take a moment to show up!

If you haven’t voted please don’t forget to Vote for Shana Green “Win your own product line” beauty contest! Vote! VOTE! VOTE!!!!

Well folks I am exhausted and ready for bed! Tomorrow is Friday! Whoop! Whoop! I hope that you all had a wonderful day and thanks for reading! ✌