MY Easy Canvas Print

Good Evening my wonderful readers!! How is your weekend going? Mine is going pretty well. I have been studying my GRE book and doing practice questions on That website is AWESOME! I would definitely recommend using it if you are studying to take the GRE. My test is Sept. 20, so wish me luck everyone! I also got my hair done today!! I feel like a new lady lol.

Ok let’s move on to the FUN stuff lol. A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from one of the hottest bloggers out right now…RUSH OUR FASHION! She had the opportunity to receive your own Easy Canvas Print. The company was nice enough to ask her if she would like to do a giveaway with them and the winner would win their own Easy Canvas Print. WELL….Yours TRULY won the giveaway!! Woot Woot lol. I picked my photo and one of the ladies who works for the company said that my canvas would arrive Sept. 9 and it did. I was elated and very thankful. I always wanted my very own canvas and to receive it as a gift is amazing!! If you are interested in owning your own Easy Canvas Prints please head over to their website and check out the what the site has to offer.

Well folks, I am going to get back to enjoying my weekend and I sure hope you all are too. I just wanted to share this with you all. Thanks for stopping by.