Fashionably Green: Roots In The City

Hey there!! So this past Saturday morning I helped out in the Overtown community which is located in Miami, Florida. Roots In The City is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to community development, inner-city beautification and healthy eating initiatives. This organization was founded in 1994 by Marvin Dunn in the Overtown area neighborhood. Community volunteers and Overtown residents make up the heart of this organization. The freshly grown produce is offered free to the community through giveaway programs such as schools, homeless shelters, and etc. Considering the fact that there aren’t any grocery stores downtown having Roots In The City is a blessing. The Overtown neigborhood is able to get fresh collard greens, carrots and string beans, just to name a few, from just a few blocks away from their homes.

Me and Dionne getting ready to learn about composting!

While pulling old lettuce from the ground I saw a bunch of dead millipedes that I originally shouted out that they were “Little Snakes” LOL! I guess I was a bit startled. These millipedes eat through the collard greens.

Dead Millipede’s!!!

Dionne Working!!


Natasha and April of CookingWhitGrease chatting about our task!

I would most certainly share with you all each layer of composting that we did but I honestly can’t remember. I do know that we used old lettuce, horse manure, mulch, and water. The purpose of this task is to use all these materials as fertilizer to help the plants grow!

Almost done!!

We did IT!!!!

I volunteer regularly but I have never did anything this intense. I had a great time and learned something new about recycling and about composting. I would definitely do this again.

Do you help out in your community? 

Have a wonderful Tuesday and thanks for stopping by ✌.