Trying something new

Good evening my wonderful readers!!! I hope you all are doing well. Today was the last day of teaching for the 2010-2011 school year! Tomorrow the teachers have to come to school for a half day but the kids won’t be there. THANK YOU LORD! lol j/k. I am going to miss my students! We’ve had so much fun this school year and I am going to miss them. I’ve seen so many of them grow up before my eyes and it’s such a wonderful feeling. That is one of the perks of being a teacher…You are able to see where they start and experience the growth in each student throughout the rest of the school year. It’s been a great year folks!

So today I was very relaxed as well. I love it when I can wear comfortable clothing to work. Don’t get me wrong I love to wear my business casual clothing but somedays I just want to wear jeans or a dress, etc. So today I went for the relaxed Summer look! I’ve had these linen pants for such a long time. When I first purchased them they were SO BIG on me because at the time I was really skinny but I bought them anyway hoping that I’d grow into them which I did lol! I’ve also had the top for a while and its one of my favorites! The only problem is that I have to spend so much time ironing it ::thumbs down::. Don’t you have those favorite pieces in your closet but you hate that you have to iron it EVERY single time? Yea it’s not fun at all.

My parents traveled to Ghana about 3 years ago and purchased this unique wrap around bag which also turns into a cute clutch if you tuck in the straps!! Woot Woot! I LOVE IT! They also brought back cute necklace and earrings sets and bracelets, which I still have and I actually wore one of the bracelets in my last post!! It’s nothing like having accessories that are one of a kind!

As you can I did my hair curly again! I am going into my 4th month without a perm. I decided to take a break from perming my hair so much and give my hair a little break from all of the chemical use. A lot of people have asked me why not go natural but I am not ready for that yet lol I still love my straight hair!! But I do want my hair to grow out more so I am using different products and finding different ways to wear my hair so I don’t have to put so much heat on it. If you are one of my friends on Facebook then you have noticed that I have been wearing my hair up for the past two months to protect my ends and so that I don’t use my flat iron because that can cause so much breakage unfortunately. 

I’ve done my hair curly a few months ago but I used a setting lotion and my hair broke off on the right side of the my head. So after that I wasn’t really wearing my hair curly due to the breakage. Well, I recently watched a video one of my blogging buddies –>The Fashionista Next Door blog, where she discusses her goals and plans for her Hair Journey and she told me that she used a leave in conditioner to set her flexi rods (purchase at any beauty supply store). I already use a great leave in conditioner called Giovanni Direct Leave in which is found at Target! But I also wanted something that would also moisturize my hair while I have my curls in so I went the beauty supply store and purchased a Shea Butter moisterizer by Cantu. I used it in my hair before I put the flexi rods in and I also used it in my hair when I took them out this morning. I aired dried my hair with the flexi rods. My hair feels great and moisturized. Does anyone have any tips on setting hair using flexi rods? I am always open to new ideas 🙂

Shirt:XX21/Linen Pants:Random store in CALI/Jean Jacket:Wet Seal/Shoes:Old Navy/Purse:Purchased in Africa/Earrings:XX21/Bracelet:Charlotte Russe/Ring:XX21/Watch:Gift from student

Well folks I am off to the gym! Yesterday I was extremely sore from the workout from Tuesday but I am feeling much better today so I should be fine today. Wish me luck!!! After working out its game time baby! Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks. Praying for a win tonight by the Miami Heat!! I think I will be sick to my stomach if we lose. Are you watching the game tonight? Who are going for? Well, thanks for reading and have a wonderful evening! ✌