ASW Reviews: Hair care products

Good Morning Lovelies!! We made it to Friday…Woot Woot! For the past couple of months, I have gotten emails and sweet comments about my hair care regimen. I thought it would only be right to share with you all the different products that I use that keeps my hair looking fabulous, if I must say so myself! So let’s get right to it!

On Sale at Sally’s* Price: $5.99

First up is my shampoo! When I tell people that I use Cream of Nature they automatically say that Cream of Nature is old school lol. Which it is because as a child I remember using it because that is what my mother purchased for my sister and I. At the time I didn’t have a say so on which shampoo and conditioner I’d like to use because I honestly didn’t care. Well, last year I focused a lot on reviving my hair. I started going to the hair salon regularly and also trying out different products on the days that I wasn’t able to see my beautician.

Last summer I was reunited with Cream of Nature’s Detangling & Conditioning Shampoo. I loved this shampoo because not only did it leave my hair smelling yummy but it is very soft of my hair and not hard like some shampoos. It also detangles my hair so I can actually run my fingers through it once it is time for rinsing. I usually try and do at least 2 to 3 washes with shampoo before I lather my hair up with the conditioner.

Price: $7.99

Once I have finished shampooing my hair, I place a great amount of conditioner in my hair and sit with it in my hair for about 10 to 15 minutes. This Moisture Extreme Conditioner always leaves my hair feeling silky and light. Did I mention I love the way it smells? lol.

Price: $9.99

Once the conditioner is rinsed out I always apply a small amount of oil to my damp hair and let it sit for about 5 minutes before I blow it out. I have recently purchased this One n’ Only Argan Oil and I absolutely love it. It is very light and keeps my hair moisturized.

Price: $15.49

Two weeks ago I attended an event in Miami, called Coils & Curls. After the Moroccan Oil clinic that I attended at the event, each guest was given a goody bag and this Moroccan oil treatment was one of our gifts. I have been a fan of moroccan oil for a while but I can’t buy it often because it is quite expensive as many of you all already know. I used it last weekend and it is great as I expected. I am going to saver this bottle and try to use the argan oil as often as I can so the moroccan oil can hopefully last me for the remainder of the year.

Price: $4.49

The only time that I have rollers in my hair is when I go to the salon. Mainly because I have tried to do them myself and I fail at it every time. So I make sure that when I flat iron my hair that I use a heat protector. I picked up Garnier’s Fructis Style-Sleek & Shine Flat iron protector straightening mist with argan oil, a few months back and it works well for me. It is inexpensive and gets the job done.

Price: $3.99

After my hair is flat ironed I apply the Garnier’s Fructis Style-Sleek & Shine anti humidity smoothing milk so that my hair doesn’t get too frizzy from South Florida’s climate. I would highly recommend only using a small amount of this product each time that you put it on so your hair doesn’t become sticky and dry.

And there you have it ladies! By using these products consistently I have been able to restore my hair. I also encourage you to try and make it to the hair salon at least once a month. I love doing my own hair but I also know that I need to have it treated on a regular basis and get my ends clipped every 6 to 8 weeks else my hair will break off. Lastly, to my ladies who are natural and like to straighten your hair sometimes, I think that you would enjoy using these products as well.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and thanks for stopping by ✌.

*Next Friday, we will get  back to our regularly scheduled ASW’s Entrepreneur Spotlight.