BookTalk with ASW: 10 Things Every Woman Should Keep in Her Purse by Shani Curry-St.Vil

Good Morning loves!! I hope you all are doing well. Are you all ready for Thanksgiving? I wish you all safe travels during this holiday season as well as piece and happiness with your loved ones. Today I would like to share a book that I have been reading called 10 Things Every Woman Should Keep in Her Purse by Shani Curry – St. Vil. Shani heads the company by the name of Purse Empowerment which lends financial advice to women by helping them create a budget and stick to it, manage debt, tackle credit card issues, invest in real property, and save for future goals. All the issues that I just mentioned are discussed in her book.

One of the best things that I enjoyed most about the book was that she provided her readers with instances from her life whether they were good or bad. It shows women everywhere that even though you may have made that mistake (s) there is room for improvement but it will involve sacrifices. On the contrary, there may be women who are checking off the list in each chapter because they have accomplished the majority of tips that Shani stated in the book. Either way there is always room for growth. I would highly recommend this book to ALL ladies, married or single.

{Key points}

{1} Try your best to only use your credit card on Purse Pitfalls (i.e. car fixing, house repairs, in between jobs, left without health insurance, etc.) – Not on materialistic items. That is how you accumulate unnecessary debt.

{2} Always pay your bills on time. Point blank!

{3} Create a budget for each month. If you fail to plan, plan to fail. We all have needs and wants but we all have to ask ourselves do we need this item (s) right now? Saving a couple of hundred dollars extra month instead of purchasing that bag or tech device is more important! I, ASW create “want” lists all the time and when the time is right I head in the store or order my purchase online. There is a time and place to splurge!

{4} Buy U.S. Saving bonds. They can earn interest for 30 years, after which you are able to cash them out.

{5} Invest in the stock market. Determine goals before buying into the particular company.

{6} Keep ALL insurance cards in your wallet!

{7} Keep extra cash with you. You may never know when there comes a time when debit cards are not accepted.

To order your copy of 10 Things Every Woman Should Keep in Her Purse click HERE!

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and thank you so much for all of the support that you show ASW!

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2 comments on “BookTalk with ASW: 10 Things Every Woman Should Keep in Her Purse by Shani Curry-St.Vil

  1. Really great tips!! The keeping money in my wallet is hard for me, for some reason I just don’t like to carry cash even though my mom has always said “you should always carry some cash no matter what”, guess mama is right, LOL!!

    Now with the stocks I have wanted to invest for years, but never knew what to invest in. I don’t have a great deal of money to invest right now, but I want something to invest in that will still be a great invest for me at what I can afford.

    Carsedra of:

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