ASW Reviews: Rush Hair Salon

Good Evening Lovely readers!! It’s ASW again. I would like to share with you all a neat salon that is based in the UK. Rush Hair was founded in 1994 by two men named Andy and Stell. Since then they have expanded from just having one salon to sixty salons. Isn’t that amazing? Rush Hair Salon gives their clients the option to book their appointments online for whichever service that they would like. A few may want to relax in the low-lit spa on the first floor of the salon. On the other hand, some may like to indulge in a nice head massage while their hairdresser crafts a style that will best suit the client.

As you can see, this salon is modern and the two owners are always looking for innovative ways to spruce up their salons. Technology nonetheless plays a major role in the expansion of the sixty salons. Click here to find out more about Rush Reading! Customer service is extremely important when it comes to maintaing a successful business because the owner (s) always want their cliental to leave satisfied. The salon offers a full staff that are always ready and willing to assist whomever walks through the door.

One of the features that I love about Rush is that not only do they have a website but they also have a blog as well. As a blogger I know how important it is to keep up with my blog and Rush Salon does the same. Within their blog they discuss celebrities and their hair styles and it gives their customers ideas on what they may try differently to their hair.

If you live in London then I highly suggest that you pay a visit to Rush Hair Salon.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you have a wonderful night!

With Love,



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