ASW’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kristen Henderson, Founder of Lily Kai Vintage Boutique

Good Morning Beautiful Readers!! We made it to another fabulous Friday! I would first like to say that this week has been a long and busy one for me. Hopefully next week will be more relaxed than this week so I can post more. Anywho, today I am so excited about spotlighting the stylish owner of Lily Kai Vintage boutique, Kristen Kai!

Kristen Kai Henderson, 32, is the owner of Atlanta based style firm; Lily Kai Consulting and Vintage Boutique.  The Los Angeles native journals her stylish life as an entrepreneur, wife and mother in her blog, Style with Kristen Kai. Throughout her 14 years in the fashion industry Kristen Kai has worked styling celebrities, athletes and musicians for photoshoots, fashion shows and red carpet events. Not to mention her time consulting for Nordstrom and Dillards.

Kristen Kai’s love and appreciation for fashion is more than just following trends. She understands that personal style should be worn boldly, confidently and without regret. Her mission is to make sure that her clients and readers embrace whatever life has to offer with style!

::Let’s Chat::

ASW: What inspired you to start Lily Kai Vintage Boutique? How long have you been in business?

Lily Kai Vintage began from my love of fashion. I wanted to sell vintage so that I could offer customers pieces they wouldn’t be able to find by just walking into a mall. I launched LKV 2 years ago as a subsidiary of Lily Kai Consulting.

ASW:  What is the best part of your job?

That’s easy; I get to shop for a living, lol. Honestly, I feel it’s a blessing to be able to do what you love to do. I enjoy hunting for amazing vintage and awaken clients confidence through personal style.

ASW:  Not only are you a Boutique owner, but you are also a fashion stylist. Has styling always been a passion of yours?

Yes, I started my fashion career as a stylist. Between college classes I would work on photoshoots, movie/tv sets and fashion shows as a assistant and lead stylist. There was never a question what field I wanted to work in. It was always fashion!

ASW:  I absolutely adore your personal style blog. What inspired you to have a blog in addition to your business? 

Thank you!  My blog was just a way to show women especially moms that you can have it all. Regardless of how crazy and hectic your life is you can tackle it all with style!

It has also helped my business. I have the outlet to showcase what’s new in the boutique as well as our consulting services.

ASW: How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?

My husband owns his own business so I’m no stranger to benefits of working for yourself. You get to call your own shots but with that comes a great deal of responsible and discipline.

Being an entrepreneur has been great for my family. My husband has a busy schedule and travels a lot and with a 2 year old I need a lot of flexibility.

ASW: How would you describe your style? What are your top five pieces of clothing that you love to wear on a regular?

My personal style is classic and chic. I love to blend designer, vintage and moderately prices pieces together.

-YSL Muse Handbag

-Thrifted Levi Boyfriend Jeans

-Zara strapless maxi dress

-Christian Loubtian Peep Toe Pumps

-Any of my vintage jumpsuits

ASW: What are your three favorite things in Lily Kai right now?

-E.D. Michael’s floral dress with cutout back

-Avalon Classic sectary dress

-Floral pencil dress with hanging off the shoulder sleeves

ASW: What advice would you give to young women like yourself who want to go into business for themselves?

Trust your gut, set goals, and understand that quitting is never an option!

ASW: Where do you see yourself and Lily Kai in 5 years?

Wow! On the personal side I see us having another baby of course, hopefully that will be sooner than later. As for Lily Kai I see us moving out of our home office and into a physical location. I would love a space where customers can shop in store as well as online. More importantly continue to grow with my consulting clients and brand Lily Kai (Cosulting/Boutique/Blog) as a serious source of all things stylish.

 ASW: Since starting your business, what has been your most rewarding experience thus far?

The most rewarding has been actually seeing my growth. The increased in customers, sales and readers has been extremely rewarding. It is just a little confirmation that I‘m doing this right and that people are paying attention; like God is saying a job well done!

(above) I’m rocking a a silk floral skirt as a strapless dress from Lily Kai Vintage!

To stay updated on what is new at Lily Kai follow her on Twitter & visit LilyKai to shop!

Lily Kai Vintage has an AMAZING Sale going on right. Click on the pictures below to access the website ↓

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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by ✌.



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