California Vacation Part II

Good Morning ASW readers!! I hope everyone’s day got off to a great start! It’s quite early over here on the west coast so my day hasn’t really started yet. In a few hours my family and I will be leaving San Francisco to head over to Napa Valley better known as Wine Country. This will be my first time traveling to Napa so I am curious to see what this city looks like. Before I head out to my next destination I would like to show you pictures from the tour that we were on yesterday morning and afternoon.

The photo above ↑ is the house where the movie Mrs. Doubtfire was taped. (I love that movie)

Top:Target//Pants:Free People//Jacket:Loehmann’s//Boots:OLD//Earrings:Miami Accessory shop//Purse:Forest and Culver (Here)

As I informed you all yesterday, it is quite chilly in the bay area so I have no choice but to bundle up. Looking back over my outfit, I notice that I am wearing earth tones which are my absolute favorite. They are easy to mix and compliment my skin pretty well. I love my Free People cargo pants. I purchased them this past spring and I have worn this pair on many occasions. My boots are 6 years old…yea I know I probably need to retire them but they are my favorite because they are easy to put on and they go with so many of my fall and winter outfits.

A few of you may know that I have won several giveaways in the past year. About three months ago, I entered a giveaway to win a Hobo handbag valued at $378 courtesy of Purse Pixie and Forest & Culver. Shortly after entering the contest, I received an email congratulating me on becoming the new owner of the bag. I was ecstatic. This is the biggest item that I have won so far and its perfect for the fall and winter season. The purse is quite spacious and has various compartments for small items that I want to keep separate and not misplace. I am very thankful for this purse and this bag will be shown plenty of times in the next couple of months.

At the de Young Museum! 

Golden Gate Bridge!
My sister and I near the Golden Gate Bridge! It was very windy and cold so we had to snap pictures quickly and head back to the tour bus.

The Alcatraz Prison which was open from 1934-1963.

My tasty ceasar salad and clam chowder bread bowl.

Before entering Alcatraz cell housing

Can you spot my sister and mom in this photo? Everyone is listening to an audio tour guide which allows you to view the prison in an organized fashion. My father on the other hand roamed the prison at his own leisure, not following the instructions given by the audio tour guide.

Could you imagine living in this prison, in a cold cell, every single night with no access to the outside world? Some of the actual inmates who helped tell the story informed us that in the many years living in this prison no family members came to visit them or sent any letters.

I’m standing outside of an Alcatraz facility and the San Francisco Bay skyline is directly behind me. Isn’t it beautiful?

Well folks, I hope you all have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping by.

*ASW’s Entrepreneur Spotlight will be postponed until next Friday!

With Love,



7 comments on “California Vacation Part II

  1. First time visiting via the BLM Group.

    I LOVE both of your bags, they are too cute. I’m an earth tone girl and am finding I need to add some more color to my wardrobe. Actually adding more clothes to my wardrobe would be wonderful. Lol

    I don’t know why, since it’s closed, am I surprised that they allow pictures to be taken inside the prison. Even with it being closed…such a scary place.

    Hope you had a wonderful vacation.

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