ASW’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ju’lia Samuels, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Worthy Magazine

Good Morning lovely ASW followers! We made it to another Friday and I am sure we all are looking forward to enjoying the weekend. I will be packing this weekend because my family and I are vacationing in San Francisco and Napa Valley for a week starting Monday! Which means I have lots to pack. Since the weather will be more comforting than this South Florida heat I plan to take many pictures and share with you all throughout the week.

Anywho, I love meeting new people and learning about small/big businesses.With that being said, today I will spotlight the creative and intelligent, Ju’lia Samuels.

Ju’lia Samuels,24, is a journalism graduate from the University of Florida. She possesses a genuine love for written words. She is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, founder and editor-in-chief of  the multi-cultural Worthy Magazine, staff writer and social media consultant for the historical 89-year-old Black newspaper The Miami Times and blogger for her personal style blog Ju’lia Catherine. In the past, Ju’lia has written for ABC News on Campus, Miami Fashion Blog, The Fresh Xpress and Sister 2 Sister magazine, to name a few. Ju’lia Currently resides in South Florida and  fashion, writing, food and music are Ju’lia’s life right now.

::Let’s Chat::

ASW: What inspired you to start Worthy Magazine?

JS: In all honesty, I always knew that I wanted to have my own publication. I just always thought I wouldn’t get a chance to start my own publication so soon. I found myself in graduates’ limbo. Fearful that I wouldn’t find a job I began blogging. From there, it was really my mother who pushed to me create something of my own. I wasn’t working and I was only landing occasional freelance jobs. So I figured why not? I didn’t want to lose what I learned in school and I felt like my blog had become too personal to adopt a serious tone.

ASW: What makes your magazine different from others on the market?

JS: I am going to say what others feel I shouldn’t say, which is fine because my magazine has been a labor of love. So if we only get 10 views per issue from here on out, I will still feel blessed to be able to do what I love.

With that said, I believe that my magazine is different because it is our goal to uplift our readers. I showcase my READERS– I tell their stories. A lot of publications I have worked for have admitted to believing that a publication’s priority is to sell not to uplift. But if I am not featuring a reader, I am featuring someone to inspire my readers.

With every issue I focus on and encourage my readers to confront their potential and to put it to use. I want them and I implore them to appreciate their own beauty. The motto of my magazine is “Because you are worthy.” And that is really a doctrine I am trying to live by. I am just hoping it sticks to other people and hopefully people will like it. But in all honesty, the magazine has been a great help to me, as well.

ASW: Where do you get article ideas?

JS: I read EVERYTHING. I love referencing other online magazines. Clutch is my inspiration, Fashion Bomb Daily, The New York Times, Elle Magazine, Sister 2 Sister, Sheen Magazine, Essence, Glamour, GQ. GQ, GQ- the list truly can go on.

ASW: What age does your magazine target?

JS: The truth is I have avoided this question. I will say 18 and up. I don’t like putting a cut off age on the magazine. I think anyone at any age can be inspired, which is what Worthy strives to do.

ASW: How many hours per week do you spend working on your magazine?

JS: It’s embarrassing to admit but over 30 hours a week. I would say at least 6 hours a day, if I delegate my time.

ASW: Do you have a staff that helps contribute to your magazine? How do you go about the hiring process?

JS: I have the occasional interns and because I was blessed to attend the University of Florida, I have been able to pull my resources from fellow Alumnus. The key players have been Whitney Johnson, Andre Samuels (my big brother), Gavin Samuels (little brother), Toni-Ann Martin, Marcus Williams and William Kennedy. But my hiring process has been pretty relaxed especially since all the positions are volunteer. People normally send in their resume and writing samples to me at

ASW: What’s your final advice to other writers?

JS: Believe in yourself and remember that writing is subjective. I have met people who LOVED my writing and I have met others who were like “Um, sure-good for you.” You don’t become successful until you believe you are good at your craft.

ASW:  Where do you see Worthy Magazine in the next 5 years?

JS: Hopefully having a huge following and offered in your local bookstores, or at least being offered on the Kindle Fire. I am so grateful that the magazine can now be seen on iPads.

For more information head over to

Worthy Magazine,

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Ju’lia also has a personal blog called JCatherineThoughts!

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for stopping by ✌.




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