ASW’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Eboney Johnson, Founder of AlwayzLadyLike, Inc.

Good Morning Lovelies!! We made it to another Friday. This week went by extremely fast and I am one week away from my Trip to California with my family ::Cheers Cheers::. Anywho, I would just like to say Thank You to all of you who have given me great feedback on this category that I added to ASW. It is great to spotlight those women and men who are doing there thing and deserve to be recognized! With that being said let’s get right to it. Today I will spotlight a kind hearted woman by the name of Eboney Johnson, who currently resides in Miami, FL and is the founder of a non-profit organization for young girls called AlwayzLadyLike.

Eboney Johnson was once a teen mom but today she is a mother of many and considers herself to be a “Lady”. As a product of a broken home, Eboney has matured over the years into the woman she is today! By having a mother figure to intervene and encourage Eboney it allowed her to finish school even with a child and become a role model for young ladies.

In her spare time she enjoys reading and is obsessed with reading fashion magazines and of course shopping! She also loves to  cook and has recently found a love for several new hobbies including interior design and refinishing furniture. Listening to good music and watching movies brings her joy and she likes to collect old movies that feature beautiful iconic women such as mahogany Lady Sings the Blues and  the Dorothy Dandridge story to name a few.

Eboney founded AlwayzLadyLike because she personally knew how important it was that young girls are given that guidance and nurturing that they need to be successful in life. Many young girls today seem angry and lack self confidence and this non-profit organization prides itself in changing a young girls out look on life by placing special emphasis on their personal development to encourage the growth of a happy confident young lady.

Additionally, she believes that girls in today’s society need to be taught to be ladies and it is in her heart and personal goal to reach out to these young girls about issues ranging from their own self worth to their goals and aspirations.  Alwayzladylike reinforces the message that young women need not objectify themselves or relinquish their anatomy. Alwayzladylike has boldly taken on this crisis with our female youth and understands that this is a critical time in grooming a girl into a young lady. Eboney humbly takes on this task with great honor and pride to fully teach young girls that they have a purpose in this in the world that we live in.

::Let’s Chat::

ASW: What is the history behind your organization?

EJ: I personally Feel that the Art of being a Lady is lost among today’s youth so AlwayzLadyLike Inc. was founded simply to encourage girls to be more LadyLike .

ASW: Is there a certain criteria that the girls have to meet in order to be admitted into the organization? Or is it open to everyone?

EJ: It’s open to every girl however they must submit an essay telling us why they want to be apart of AlwayzLadyLike Inc. & right now we are recruiting our fabulous 50.

ASW: What are the ages of the girls?

EJ: 11 ~ 17 But we do have a Baby Caterpillars Program for Girls ages 9~10

ASW: How much time {a week} do you spend with the girls?

EJ: As much time as Possible per week  but we Meet Twice a Month

ASW: What community service projects has your organization participated in so far? Which one did the girls thoroughly enjoy the most?

EJ: We have volunteered at Joe DiMaggio Childrens Hospital . We would give Mani Pedi’s to Girls who are in the Hospital for the holidays, I think that made alot of the girls, if not all, realize how lucky they really are .

ASW: What is next for Alwayz Lady Like?

We plan to be an international organization that encourages Girls all over the world to be more LadyLike. We plan to expand our brand and introduce our motto & our PSA all over the World.


To stay updated on what is new at AlwayzLadyLike feel free to Like and/or follow the company on Facebook & Twitter!

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I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and thanks for stopping by ✌.



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