HAUTE or NOT: Meagan Good rocking a two piece snakeskin look to the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

Photo Credit: TheYBF.Com

Good Morning ASW Readers!! I hope everyone’s morning got off to a great start! This past weekend the Teen Choice Awards took place and many celebrities were in attendance. I try and stay up to date with celebrity news so I always head over to The Young Black and Fabulous to get my fix. This morning I browsed through the website and spotted the newlywed Meagan Good rocking a two piece snakeskin look. Cropped tops are huge right now as well as animal print so I think she felt that it was most fitting to rock this outfit to the award show. ASW readers please share your thoughts on Meagan Good’s ensemble.

Have a magnificent Monday and thanks for stopping by ✌.




13 comments on “HAUTE or NOT: Meagan Good rocking a two piece snakeskin look to the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

  1. Not feeling this look at all. Not sure what she was going for but she missed the mark. She’s a beautiful girl who hasn’t quite mastered her own personal style.

  2. I like how you dont write to influence your readers’ vote, you keep it non-bias to really get the true opinion of others. The pants arent working for me. Her hair is pretty!

  3. The pants could work with a more sophisticated top half, like a black turtleneck and blazer (Angelina Jolie-style) in the fall. She’s such a beautiful girl, and I think she’d be even more so with a LOT less makeup.

  4. I like the top, maybe if it was worn with a nice flowing maxi skirt? I have always been concerned about her eyebrows, I don’t care for them. However; she is a nice looking woman, not quite sure how old she is, but I wish she would start dressing a bit more sophisticated and less video vixen. By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving that lovely comment, thanks for following and just to let you know, I am now following you amazing blog as well, and your pins & tweets. Keep in touch, I look forward to you fabulous post.

  5. LOL @ the comments!!!!! I think it’s a bit much but she actually don’t look that bad but I definitely wouldn’t be able to pull it off!


  6. I can’t wait till Joan rivers gets a hold of this photo! She is going to rip Megan to shreds.

  7. Sometimes I feel like Meagan looks too girlish and she never really does it up (always wearing those dern spandex). Although her outfit is NOT the usual, I like how it fits to her. Her hair is Hawt and she is all around having a good look!

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