Be. Wines & Hair Trends at Blo Midtown

Morning ASW Readers!! This week has flew by hasn’t it? It is already Thursday! Well I have to make this post quite short because I have a dentist appointment in a few. Anywho, last night I briefly stopped by the Blo Midtown which is a hair salon that is known to get your hair very straight. From going to different events in the Midtown Miami, I have become quite familiar with different businesses in this area.

All guests were able to indulge in crackers, cupcakes and choose to sip on wine of their choice. Many of the ladies seemed as though they enjoyed themselves and some were even able to get their hair done!

I just love these little pins! I actually have one at home that says, “Style Boss”. I usually wear it to blogger functions!

Two beauticians are doing hair and the finished product was amazing! I may have to check out this salon. They have affordable prices and great customer service!
What I wore–> Blazer & Clutch: XXI //Top:Thrifted//Shorts:Express//Heels:Kelsi Dagger//Necklace:OLD//Earrings:Gift from my sister//Bracelet:Arts & Crafts Festival

I found this top at the thrift store yesterday for just $1.50 and I knew I could rock it with something. Needless to say it went perfectly with pink/magenta blazer! I originally wanted to wear pants but the shorts looked better since I was wearing a platform heel. I completed the look with my go to clutch and versatile accessories! ย 

ย Well folks, I am getting to head to the dentist and I hope you all have a terrific Thursday and thanks for stopping by โœŒ.




9 comments on “Be. Wines & Hair Trends at Blo Midtown

  1. Hey Ashley,
    You look so chic! I love that top and for $1.50, can’t beat that. I love the look with shorts. Don’t you just love great events?

    Missed ya girl!

  2. Your outfit is so chic. We have a few dry bars popping up around Atlanta. The place looks really inviting.

  3. Omg, Ashley! How cute are you?! I love your hair up like that and that blazer is everything. The hair shop looks really cute, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This is really cool. I love how your blog is set up and I love the pictures, Your outfit is wonerful and this is a really cool place!!

    xoxo asiahlyn

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