BookTalk with ASW: Produced By Faith – Enjoy Real Success Without Losing Your True Self by DeVon Franklin

Good Morning ASW Readers!! So last Summer I did two posts where I talked about books that I read which were A Belle in Brooklyn by Demetria Lucas & How To Get Out of Your Own Way by Tyrese. This summer I have started reading DeVon Franklin’s 2011 popular novel, Produced by Faith: Enjoy Real Success Without Losing Your True Self. DeVon Franklin is an African-American male who serves as vice president of production for Columbia Pictures and he is also a Christian minister and motivational speaker. Franklin’s purpose for writing this novel was to share his life experiences and how he was able to excel career and relationship wise by continuing to put God first!

I have only read three chapters so far but little by little I am to truly growing as an individual. I realize that I have to let go and let God control the next level in my career and life plans. As Christians, we sometimes get discouraged when we continue to pray for certain things and when days, months, years go by and we aren’t seeing the results we tend to question God and our faith then diminishes. It is important to continue to Trust in God and know that he has our best interest at heart and to stay on the path that God created for us before we even stepped foot on this earth.

Since the beginning of the year I have been attending these women Bible study classes at my church. The pastor’s wife leads the Bible study sessions and she does a magnificent job at preaching the word of God. Every Tuesday night when I leave church I feel renewed and restored from what I heard. It is great to be able to read my book for leisure as well as my book for Bible study because it has strengthened my faith in God.

I digress, if you are looking to switch/move up in your career as well as strengthen your faith, I highly suggest that you read his book. I would like to leave you with a few principle’s that DeVon Franklin shared in his book:

  • Commit to the process of success that God has planned for me, no matter how long it takes.
  • God has the authority to put my ambition in check.
  • Strive to let the love Christ be apparent in everything I do.
  • Do not allow sin to reside in any area of my life. If I allow it, I understand it will limit my ability to receive God’s full blessings.
  • Don’t take shortcuts; if I want to be true to my beliefs, then shortcuts do not exist.
  • Remember on the down days to never give up on myself and the dreams God has given me.

To order your copy of Produced by Faith click HERE!

Thanks for reading and have a terrific Tuesday ✌.



14 comments on “BookTalk with ASW: Produced By Faith – Enjoy Real Success Without Losing Your True Self by DeVon Franklin

  1. I have heard very good things about this book, I am going to see if the Kindle version is available. This is also Megan Good’s new hubby congrats to them!

  2. I’m going to pick this up this weekend! Thank you so much for recommending it and I appreciate you being honest about strengthening your faith. I could use some help in that area, too.

    p.s. I love A Belle in Brooklyn, too!

  3. I saw his interview with Oprah on OWN Sunday and they discussed his book. It seemed like it was a good read and I planned to purchase it.

  4. I am currently reading this book and it has been a great inspiration in my life as well. Its encouraging to know that you don’t have to sacrifice your faith for success and D, Franklin definitely highlights that in this book. I highly recommend this book! Great post Ashley. Keep up the great work!!!

  5. Isn’t amazing what happens in our lives when we let go and let God??? This sounds like a fabulous book to read. Love your review hunni!

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