Florida’s Finest Guest Blogging Series: We NEVER pay retail by The Prissy Shopper

My darlings! What an awesome opportunity to share my shopping philosophy with the wonderful Sassy readers of A Sassy Woman blog. My name is Dionne Dean and at Prissyshopper.com, I show my readers that Prissy girls know how to make that gorgeous cardigan you got at the Salvation Army look like Chanel!

If you’re from around these parts, you know that South Florida is full of outdoor festivals, markets and concerts year round. The frugal fashionista knows that there really is no time for digging through the Chloe Marcie for the $5 to purchase that beautiful vintage pair of earrings 😉 So this past week, I went hunting through the stores and online sites to find a few cute wristlet purses and finally discovered a few at ASOS.com.

First is the pink and red number I bought for $37.60 down from the retail price of $62.67. That’s almost 50% off. I can see myself rocking this with a cute little jean jumper or a simple black maxi dress since the colors are so vibrant.

Second is this silver and tan piece for $17.91 down from $44.76, that’s a 60% markdown. Loving that! It’s a lot larger than I thought, but fabulous nonetheless. I’m envisioning wearing this to an outdoor market or lunch with the rest of the Florida’s Finest ladies.

Well my loves, this is a quick introduction to who Prissyshopper.com is. Prayerfully, you’ll stop by and see more of my frugal shopping. Lovely meeting and you and remember, we NEVER pay retail!!!

::ASW Speaking:: The bags are really cute. My absolute favorite is the pink and purple one. It’s perfect for the Spring/Summer time. Thanks again Dionne!


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