Florida’s Finest Guest Blogging Series: Horizontal stripes for a curvy girl

Greetings Fashion Friends,
I’m Shanequa of Fashion Pad blog and I’m so excited to be today’s guest editor for my girl Ashley while she’s on vacay! I stalk her blog faithfully so I feel right at home ๐Ÿ˜‰
The Spring runways and resort fashions delved into bright color, florals, dropped waist silhouettes, and an oldie but goodie, stripes! Well, according to the fashion experts, there are optimal ways to wear this fun pattern. Apparently, if you’re bottom heavy, you should avoid horizontal stripes. They say horizontal stripes “widen” the area as opposed to vertical stripes, which “slim” the area. Another fashion rule our experts caution us about is the length of our hem lines. If you’re vertically challenged (like me), you should avoid midi lengths and cropped pant hems. These lengths will make you appear stumpy. So basically, you should either wear short hemlines, anywhere from around 3-4 inches above the knee, or long hemlines that graze the top of your feet. Hmmm, let’s put these rules to the test.
So as you can see, I’m wearing a midi skirt, with horizontal stripes on a 5’2″ frame. YIKES! LOL!
You should never be afraid to wear what works for your body and makes you feel confident and comfortable.
Midi skirts can successfully be rocked by my petite divas by pairing the skirt/dress with an open/closed toe shoe. The key is to avoid cutting off the line of your leg with an ankle strap, or pairing with a shootie (shoe/bootie) that will further shorten your legs. I chose a peep toe platform pump to give me the appearance of added height.
ย The addition of a pop of color with the red patent belt and my rock chic handbag adds interest to this simple look.
ย I selected horizontal stripes in deep colors in a silhouette that complements my frame….not competes for attention. Honestly, the red belt acts as the true focal point of my outfit and the cut of the skirt reduces any “widening” the stripes could have portrayed ๐Ÿ˜‰
Earrings – Forever 21
Tank – Urban Outfitters
Belt and Skirt – Forever 21
Ring – Street Vendor
Handbag – Nordstrom Rack
Pumps – Steve Madden
I hope you enjoyed my post. The rules of fashion are not finite. I never advise folk to throw caution to the wind, however, I do believe that you can tailor a certain look to your personal style by following key steps like those I demonstrated above ๐Ÿ™‚ Feel free to stop by Fashion Pad for any outfit requests, styling challenges, and all things fashion!
::ASW Speaking:: Love the midi skirt! I love the stripes in the skirt. Thanks again for participating ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

20 comments on “Florida’s Finest Guest Blogging Series: Horizontal stripes for a curvy girl

  1. I love midi skirts, I agree with adding heels for the appearance of height. I think petite gals can wear a midi or maxis and look great. Anything in between those lengths will look a little weird. Great outfit, I think it would look great with a blazer or cropped denim jacket too!

  2. I so agree with you totally! I’m only 5 feet tall and was devastated when I read in a magazine that midi skirts were a no no for petite women. Screw that rule! I love my calves! You look amazing!

  3. Great post!!! I’m 5’1″ and i avoid a lot because the “fashion experts” caution against it. I luuuvvvv that skirt dear!!!

  4. I need that skirt in my life!!! Nice, simple look. That red belt adds punch to this outfit and I love it. You look HAWT!

  5. CUTE! I’ve always said we all should do the exact opposite of what these folks say. Good job!

  6. Girl you are working that skirt!! I too have the same one. I did a post recently wearing mine. I agree with bajan beauty, it would look great with a cropped jacked or blazer.

  7. Lovely! You have a great figure. Your advice for “breaking the fashion rules” is on point!!!

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