Florida’s Finest Guest Blogging Series: Rule Breaker by A Diva Mom

One of the MOST beautiful things about where Ashley and I live is the weather. For anyone who has visited South Florida during the winter months will agree that being able to wear skirts and open toed shoes 365 is a reward in itself.

We do get a few days of chilly weather and I race to wear my gorgeous leather boots but rarely and so I take full advantage of the fact that we don’t have seasons so I don’t follow color rules.

The Sunday these were taken the weather was 200% perfection. I’ve read fashion rules that suggest if you are a bit heavy in hips like I am even though I’m tiny everywhere else full skirts can look fuller. Here’s another place I don’t follow rules. I love full, flirty floral printed skirts which I bought using a certain canadian coupon.  Every time I read those fashion articles attempting to box women into one shape (pear, boyish, etch) I chuckle because I know those rules don’t apply to me.

Knowing what works for you is extremely important if you are going to be a risk taker and rule breaker. This phrase has often be reserved for those who wear the most expensive and high fashion items but Ashley has afforded you the opportunity to meet a fellow blogger who finds it difficult to be boxed in. So take a risk and break some rules as we move into spring. Come back and share your story and share pictures. Fashion rules are meant to rewritten according to every sassy woman’s style!

Gifted Faux Pearls: Premier Designs Jewelry

Shoes: Nine West via Ross

Cardigan: Target

Old Tank: Old Navy

Skirt: Isaac Mizrahi via Target

Belt: Forever 21

Watch: Michael Kors

Bangles: Various

What are some fashion rules you break?

::ASW Speaking:: Thanks again for participating Kerissa! Those magazines can go kick rocks lol. Most of those tips are false half the time and people should be wise enough to know their body types so they don’t come out of the house looking a mess. You looked lovely in the photos!!

Thanks for being a sassy woman!


7 comments on “Florida’s Finest Guest Blogging Series: Rule Breaker by A Diva Mom

  1. I love the colors! You look great! Rules are for the birds so keep being and looking awesome!

  2. Thanks for having me as a guest blogger. I’m honored to be considered one of Florida’s finest and a guest here. Sassiness comes in many forms and your blog allows readers to see educators be fabulous in a professional way. I’m most appreciative!

  3. I honestly don’t believe half of what these fashion industry folks claim. I love full skirts too and wear they every chance I get. Knowing what works for you is sooo important, industry folks like to label everything seems like. You look fantastic in these pics very spring time!

  4. I think knowing what pieces best accentuate your features is the most important thing. Some rules are meant to be followed and others to be broken. I don’t necessarily disagree with all of the industry’s suggestions. I just determine what best suits me and go from there.

  5. Hunni I break every rule the “experts” label as such. For example, white after Labor Day should just stop being included in their annual “Dos and Don’ts” list. It’s so annoying. Great post Kerissa!

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