30 for 30 Photo Challenge: Days 15-17

Day 15 of 30 for 30 – Something you don’t leave the house without.

Good Morning ASW readers!! Happy Friday. Woot Woot! I hope everyone is as excited as I am that the weekend is upon us. So as usual I am behind on the challenge lol. So let’s play catch up. Above is a picture of items that I can not leave the house without. I always need my phone so can’t forget that. When Oprah was starting up her Life Class I saw that if I were to sign up for it I would receive a journal to take notes in. Well, I didn’t receive my journal until January of this year so I just use it for my personal notes and things of that nature. I need my keys to drive my car else I won’t be able to get to my destinations. Oh I love driving nowadays lol. I have teeny tiny eyes which happen to be very sensitive to light so I wear sunglasses ALL the time.

What items can you not leave the house without?

Day 16 of 30 for 30 – A photo of a hobby you love.

So I love love love to travel. I usually go out of town 2 or 3 times out of the year. Everyone knows that I can’t stay put lol. I am in the process of figuring out my next place to visit. I’ll keep you all posted.

Day 17 of 30 for 30 – A photo of you and your family.

I love my family. This photo was taken 2 years ago at my sister’s college graduation in Boston! We had a great time up there especially since the weather was very lovely.

I hope you all have a wonderful friday and weekend. Thanks for stopping by.



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4 comments on “30 for 30 Photo Challenge: Days 15-17

  1. Yea you NEED sunglasses not only b/c your eyes are small b/c you dont want cataracts in your futre…you love to travel so do i…twinzies!! lol and thats a great family photo 🙂

  2. the weather was lovely? lol i thought i was going to die from the heat that day. maybe it was the hot cap and gowns. lovely pic though

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  4. WOW Ashley I just came across your blog while reading another blog and recognized you right away. I remember you from high school FSH. You go girl your blog is fabulous! Funny thing when I saw your family pic in one of the posts I recognized your dad. I took a class with him at MDC (very nice man). CONGRATS on your blog-anniversary wish you continued success ~Kenia (I’m sure u don’t remember me hahaaa)

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