30 for 30 Photo Challenge: Day 4

Day 4 of 30 for 30 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend. 

Good Afternoon lovelies!! Happy Sunday! Boy did the weekend fly by so quickly. Well, next weekend will be great because Martin Luther King, Jr. day is on Monday which means we get an extra day off from work. Woot! Woot! Anywho, my best friend is my SISTER! We are extremely close and we always have fun together. We laugh non stop and she is basically my little echo lol. If I say a statement/phrase that she likes she will put that in her head and use it around her friends or me. I love this picture of us because we look like we are enjoying each other’s company and it also has a cool feature thanks to Photo Booth on my MAC! I have several nicknames for my sister which include: Little Bit, ChicaDee, Little Sassy, Gigglet, Chiclet,etc. She is younger than me so I  am always going to view her as my little bit.

I hope you all enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by ✌.



By A Sassy Woman Posted in 30x30

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