30 for 30 Photo Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 of 30 for 30– Your idea of the perfect first date

Good Evening everyone!! So before I get into today’s post I would just like to share with you all how my day went. SoOOoOo I bought my very first car today. I bought a Silver Honda Accord Coupe. I haven’t named it yet but it will be something EXTRA GIRLIE lol. My parents have always bought my car for me and the last car that I had my mother co-signed. So I was ecstatic that I was able to buy my car by myself this time. The cars that I have had in the past were leased so this is a change for me because in 5 years I will own it. There is nothing wrong with leasing but I plan on going back to school this year and while I am in school I don’t want to have to deal with putting money down for a new car. I’m very happy and blessed that I was able to get my car and also at a really good deal.

On another note, my great aunt died today. She was 103 years old and her birthday is January 18 so she would have been 104. I got to know her very well because when I lived in Tampa she would ride back to Miami with me for Thanksgiving or for special events. She was such a sweet and caring woman. I know that she is in a better place and that she will truly be missed.

Ok on to the perfect first date. I am a pretty simple girl when it comes to dates. I love love love love going out to dinner! It is the best way to get to know a person and also enjoy great food as well.

ASW readers what is your idea of the perfect first date?

Have a wonderful evening and thanks for reading ✌.



By A Sassy Woman Posted in 30x30

4 comments on “30 for 30 Photo Challenge: Day 3

  1. I got to know a lot about you in this post. Congrats on your car. Sorry about your aunt. She lived a very long life. I am sure she had a lot of wisdom

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