Never been worn

Good Morning ASW readers!! I hope all is well with everyone. So, last night I went out with a friend of mine to hang out and catch up at a bar/club on South Beach. I will have to admit getting me out the house to go to a bar is hard work because I am usually in bed by 9:30/10:00 each night. Yea yea yea I know…I’m such a grandma lol. Am I the only one who goes to bed that early on a regular? The club scene isn’t my thing anymore but going to a concert, dinner, movies, gatherings, etc are right up my alley!

Since I am on holiday break and I didn’t have to work in the morning I decided to go. Yay! I had a great time and I actually stayed in my heels for the majority of the time. I brought my flats with me just incase we went somewhere else and I’m glad I did. Since I knew it would be a little chilly/windy out I decided to wear my long sleeve sequin Charlotte Russe top, my new animal print scarf and new heels. I’ve had this top for about a year and last night was my first time wearing it. I received this animal print scarf  as a gift from one of my 2nd grade students. Lucky me!

Outfit Deets--> Top:Charlotte Russe//Jeans:XX21//Shoes:McGray Pumps (reg. price $39.99)//Purse:STEVEN//Scarf:Gift//Earrings:Gift//Bracelet:Purchased @ an Arts and Crafts Festival

As you can see I have on my new McGray Pumps by Call It Spring that I purchased from JcPenney this past weekend. I love them. I have a pretty good amount of heels but I didn’t have a black high heeled chic pump! I am very happy with my purchase. So my hair is up in a bun and I don’t think that I have ever done a post with my hair all the way up like this. Within the past 4 months my hair has truly grown out and it is much stronger than it was at the beginning of the year. I try my hardest not to put that much heat on it and if I do I use a great heat protector before flat ironing my hair. I do plan on doing a post in the near future about the different hair products that I use and where I get my hair done. I do plan on washing it on Friday so my hair will be down again in the next outfit posts.

Well folks, I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and finish Christmas shopping. Remember if you need any ideas on Christmas gifts click here. More ideas on what to wear to a holiday party click here. Thanks for reading and good luck with shopping.

Happy Holidays,


22 comments on “Never been worn

  1. girl, i try to go to bed as early as possible too. i am not a clubber anymore, LOL. cute outfit and how nice of your student to gift it to you! very cute outfit!!


    ps yay for your healthy hair! 🙂

  2. You look adorable! I love the entire outfit! Have fun on your break. Mine doesnt start until Friday! 6th graders are driving me nuts!

  3. Ooo sexy outfit. I like going to the club/bar every now and then. I wish they had a hip/hop 30 + club then I’d be straight. Getting hit on by a 19 year old is creepy.

    South Beach is such a sultry place. You look fab. I have to get one of those infinity scarves.

  4. Oh wow you look uber cute!! I am such a grandma too! I don’t know what happened but I be hitting that bed hard, lol. Umm…that 2nd grader is a budding fashionista with that scarf selection 😉

  5. Luv this look and your hair pulled back with the statement earrings looks so chic!! I wish I was on vacation! Hope your enjoying your break!

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