It’s that time of year again: Stocking Stuffers

Good Morning ASW readers!! It’s only a couple of more days left until Christmas and like I said the other day I know we all have some last minute shopping that needs to get done. You may have purchased all of your big gifts but what about the stocking stuffers your loved ones? Well to help you all out a little bit I have put together a collage of 7 stocking stuffer ideas that are $25 or less. Enjoy!

1)  Who wouldn’t want to receive a great movie as a gift? I have watched both of these movies and they both would be great gifts. Both of them can be purchased at your nearest Best Buy, FYE, Walmart/Target, etc. ($19.99)

2) Pick your favorite! Essie nail polish pack ($17)

3) Gift cards are one of the greatest inventions of all time. ($25)

4) Belts are something that we all need, whether we are male or female. You can purchase belts from Macys, Express, JcPenney, etc. ($28)

5) Handy dandy toiletry travel bag! We all need them and this is the perfect time to give/receive one. Like what you see? Check out  Walmart, Target and Marshalls. ($20)

6) Cozy Christmas socks are great to have during those cold fall/winter nights. Old Navy ($6)

7) Gear up for 2012! Walmart/Target/Staples ($8)

ASW readers I hope that you found this information helpful. To find out more about the products click on the number before the description. Thanks for reading and good luck shopping!

Happy Holidays,



4 comments on “It’s that time of year again: Stocking Stuffers

  1. I am Team Gift card. The toiletry bag is awesome, especially for traveling sisters. After 14 years in education, I can not take another pair of fuzzy socks. No ma’am. I like these suggestions.

    • I love gift cards too!! LOL! U had enough of fuzzy socks. I hear ya. I love them still though 🙂

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