Good Morning ASW readers!! Happy Sunday! We are officially one week away from Christmas Day. Are you all ready? Who still needs to do some last minute shopping. I have to get maybe one or two more gifts and then I will be set. Anywho, let’s get to the good stuff. Has anyone heard of Call It Spring? Well if you haven’t heard of the brand it the ALDO Group and JCPenney  the launched the Call It Spring this past September which sells as a shop-in-shop concept in JCPenney stores across the United States. They brand sells shoes for men and women. Call It Spring sells shoes at a lower price than if you were to buy them from an ALDO store. The new brand is available in 600 JCpenney stores and there are currently 27 Call It Spring stores that are located in malls around the country. I first noticed this store about 2 months ago as I was shopping at the Dolphin Mall (my favorite) in Miami, Florida. They had stylish and reasonably priced shoes that I know I would wear.

Yesterday while I was Christmas shopping I stopped by JcPenney because I had $10 off coupon. The Call It Spring black platform heels below were marked down to $27 so I used my coupon and after taxes my shoes came out to $19. They are comfortable and chic. The heel is kind of high so I know these are heels that I go to special events where I will have access to a seat lol. If you are near a JcPenney department store or Call It Spring near you I encourage you to visit. You may find exactly what you are looking at a great price.


Well, I need to get ready for church so I hope you all have a sensational Sunday my lovely readers. Thanks for stopping by.



6 comments on “Call It SPRING

    • JcPenney is a great store and many people don’t realize that. They have up to date clothing, fab accessories and shoes!!

  1. I like the name of this store…def will check it out when I am in a city with actual malls again..aka winter break!

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