Schooling Life: Maxi in November

Outfit Deets—> Dress:XX21//Denim Jacket: Wet Seal (OLD)//Tank: XX21//Sandals: (not shown) Target//Necklace: Chicos//Earrings:given to me from my sister//Ring:XX21

Good Afternoon!!! This post will be very brief. I just wanted to share with you all what I wore to work today. Can you believe I am still able to wear a maxi dress and short sleeves in November?? I definitely live in Florida lol. I’ve had this maxi dress for a while now but never took any pictures in it. Since my hair was done and the weather was nice outside I decided to snap a couple of pictures.

Today was a pretty cool day at work. The kids have basically been learning about Thanksgiving and doing activities that pertain to this special holiday. I am so glad that tomorrow is the last work day for the week and its early release day. I am ecstatic lol!! Does anyone have any special plans for Thanksgiving or traveling for the holiday? If so, please do share. Have a wonderful evening and thanks for stopping by ✌.




15 comments on “Schooling Life: Maxi in November

  1. I can believe it because I had on a maxi dress last weekend *sighs*. Maxi dresses can be appropriate for the fall in darker colors and thicker fabrics so it’s okay. I am hoping for a cold front soon. And I agree your hair looks nice.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! You look cute in the maxi and denim! (I actually have an upcoming post with a similar outfit! Great minds think alike right?) Hope you have a great holiday weekend! 🙂

  3. I love this look. This is definitely an outfit I would totally wear–a maxi with a jean jacket is fab.

    I should have been wearing something like this while our temps here in Atlanta were 70. Now it’s too late…I think tomorrow they drop.

    But you look fab!

    & thanks for taking the time to check out my blog!

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