HAUTE or NOT: Solange Knowles wears animal print

Photo Credit: Essence.com

Good Morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I know I sure did. This morning I was browsing through Essence.com and I spotted this picture of Solange Knowles rocking animal print. She is always keeping up with the latest trends so I am not surprised to see her wearing this latest trend.

As well all know animal print is the big trend this fall. So within each store there will most likely be a designated area that has an excessive amount of animal print. I’m sure we will all be rocking a few pieces of this popular trend this fall. ASW readers please tell me what you think about Solange Knowles outfit.


5 comments on “HAUTE or NOT: Solange Knowles wears animal print

  1. Yuck!!! I didnt know animal print was the new trend but it explains why ive been seeing it alot lately lol…She could have looked nice if she only wore one animal…in this instance shes doing way too much.

  2. Dannnng Solo! I don’t think I can get with this… #NO MA’AM
    But the shoes are HAUTE! If that counts for anything… lol

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