NEW Business on the block: Kreative Kreations

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope everyone is having a magnificent Monday! This is the first week of October and I can’t believe that 2011 is almost over. Halloween is at the end of this month and everyone is hitting the stores to find a great costume to rock that night. I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween but I am thinking about dressing up this year lol. I have a few R&B singers in mind that I may emulate so we shall see.

Now let’s move on to the fun stuff. My weekend was pretty cool. In my previous post I talked about the The Great Switch Fashion Show that I attended this past Saturday but I failed to mention that I was invited by one of my blogging buddies (Chanell from Sepia Says) to visit a new clothing boutique called Kreative Kreations located in Miami Gardens. Kreative Kreations boutique has only been opened for 5 months but before the owners (Keysha, Krystle and Sheniqua) were able to find a location they would sell their items at different events. I love finding new places to shop for clothing, shoes, and accessories. I have plenty of pictures below so enjoy!

Outfit Deets!! Shirt: Love Culture//Maxi Skirt: XX21//Tank: XX21//Bracelets and Earrings: Miami Accessory store

Chanell and I are posing with the owners of Kreative Kreations

Chanell picked out and purchased some very cute items in the boutique. She walked out of there with this strapless ruffled romper! Isn’t it cute? She was looking for something to wear to dinner that night and we thought that the romper would be awesome. Chanell already had a brown blazer so she paired it with the romper and heels! She looked great!

Everyone knows that I love and adore accessories but I wanted to look at different tops because I always feel as though I don’t have any tops in my closet. Many of my friends would beg to differ but I know what I have in my closet. I picked out this sleeveless top that has rectangular shapes on it and thought I would be able to utilize it in the future. I ended up purchasing the top for only $12.99!

One of the best things about Kreative Kreations is that it caters to regular and plus sizes!  That was a wise business move so that ALL shoppers feel as though they can stop by and be able to purchase accessories as well as an outfit.

I loved lovED LOVED their accessories! The boutique features unique items at reasonable prices. The accessories ranged from $3.99 to $40.00!! Overall I enjoyed shopping and speaking with the owners of the boutique. For more information about Kreative Kreations click here to visit their facebook page!

Thanks for stopping by ✌.

P.S Kreative Kreations is located at 1814 NW 183rd St Miami Gardens, FL 33056!!



2 comments on “NEW Business on the block: Kreative Kreations

  1. Everyone looks really nice!!! I hope you got me some accessories I am in dire need :-)…and if not it looks like we have a place to go when i come home!

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