Must Love Shoes

“As I age, I have come to value my relationships with the women in my life even more. Men may come and go. Children grow up and leave the nest, but your girlfriends are with you forever. I am convinced that we need to do a better job staying connected with other women-women who inspire, challenge, understand, care about, and more importantly, love us for who we are. And so, I’m recruiting you, my dear readers, to be one of my girls. The criteria for this job are quite simple. You must love life. You must love to laugh. You must not take yourself too seriously. And….you must love shoes! Welcome to my sisterhood”!

-Julie Gaver

Hey readers!!! That was an excerpt from a book called  Must Love Shoes by Julie Gaver. Earlier last week Mrs. Gaver contacted me and asked if I was interested in reading her book and do a blog post about it afterward. Well of course I said YES! I LOVE reading books!!

Before I discuss the book I would like to share with you all who Mrs. Julie Gaver is. Mrs. Gaver has been a professional speaker for the past seventeen years. She travels to commutes to different cities to speak and promote her book. She speaks publicly about professional fields which include: human services, sales and marketing, public relations, and training. Gaver is a member of the National Speakers Association and the American Society of Training & Development, just to name a few.

The book focuses on different experiences in Julie Gaver’s life as well as other women that she has come in contact with throughout the years. It is a book that makes you laugh and reminds you to enjoy the life that you live.

Here are a  couple of key points from the book:

  • Stay focused on your goals
  • Value those around you who provide you with viable information that will keep you on the road to success
  • Keep friends around you who are doing things with their lives because that will continue to motivate you to do better as well
  • Pray
  • Laugh and enjoy life 🙂

To learn more about Mrs. Julie Gaver click on the picture below! She has her book for sale on the website as well as her contact information for Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Volume 2 of Must Love Shoes comes out December 2011!!!

I hope you all enjoyed my review and also purchase the book. It is a great read! Enjoy your Tuesday!!!



4 comments on “Must Love Shoes

  1. Thanks “Sassy Woman” Ashley! 🙂 Readers interested in picking up a copy should go to That is different from my corporate website which can be found when clicking on the photo. It is also available on but supplies are limited.

    Glad the book resonated with you and I appreciate your taking the time to read it and post.
    Keep laughing!

  2. Good tips! I was thinking of what I can do NEW for the bday celebration with the besties. This post gave me an idea that we’ll can do a girlfriend’s book during our birthday month and close it out in some fantabulous way when we meet up in some way. Thinking…

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