Miami Spice

Hello my Lovely readers!!! It is Tuesday and I am ready for Friday. I have a jam packed weekend ahead me and I’m excited. I love being busy lol. I was off today because today was the day I was scheduled to take my GRE exam. That test was silly! I did alright but I did not get the score that I had hoped for so I am going to take it again in November and I KNOW I will get a better score then. It is 2 months away so I am going to put myself on a study schedule which will involve major sacrifice, work, and strength. It is hard but I know I am capable of getting the bomb score lol.

Anyways, since I live down south there are some events that take place down here and one of them is called Miami Spice. Many of you are probably wondering what the heck is Miami Spice? It is a 2 month long event that showcases Miami’s finest cuisine at a lower price. Every restaurant that participates charges $35 and it includes an appetizer, the main dish and a delicious dessert. This past Friday night my girlfriends and I decided to try a Spanish/Mediterranean restaurant located in Coral Gables called Por Fin. It was very easy to find, the service was impeccable and the set up was great. We opted to sit outside since it was kind of chilly inside. 
I ordered the Huevos Estrellados for my appetizer. Which was made up of fried eggs, potato crisps, potato foam, Serrano ham and truffle oil. It was pretty good and the taste was unique. I am not a fan of ham so I did not have that on my appetizer. 
My appetizer is featured above along with the crunchy sticks and olives that was complimentary. Those sticks that were made out of bread or whatever were extremely dry and it was so dry that it would stick to your mouth. A MESS! I didn’t even finish one of them.

For my main dish I had the Rabo de Buey which is Braised oxtail, Padron peppers, steamed rice, shoestring potatoes. It looked good but it was kind of bland. A few of us ordered this dish and we all agreed that salt and pepper was definitely needed. If I ever went back there I would try something else.

I am very simple when it comes to desserts. I like my dessert very plain and without caramel, nuts, lemon, etc. This picture is one of the desserts that my friends ordered. They all enjoyed it and said it was fantastic! We had the chance of choosing any dessert off the menu and the dessert that I wanted was sold out so I just ordered vanilla ice cream with fudge on top. Plain I know! lol. But that is what I like.

MY OUTFIT DETAILS --> Blazer:(Thrifted $3)//Polka Dot Top: Thrifted ($2)//Shorts:Express//Shoes:ALDO//Belt:XX21/Earrings:Thierry//Necklace and Bracelet:Gifted//Clutch:Steve Madden

*The pictures above (ME) may seem a little bright because I had to brighten them up since the lighting outside wasn’t great!

At the end of the night we all posed for the camera and said our good-byes! Overall it was a very good night and I am glad that I went. Next year we will start early so that we can get a chance to eat at more than one restaurant.

Well everyone I have had a long day and I am going to relax for a bit before I head to gym with my partner in crime. Thanks for stopping by. ✌




6 comments on “Miami Spice

  1. A guy I was dating told me WPB isn’t for the young so that means I need to move next door to you and be in on Miami Spice next year. I’m such a food lover!!

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