My 1st Accessory Haul

Happy Sunday my lovely readers!!! How is everyone’s weekend going? Mine is going great. I’ve been a little busy body but I found time to finally make A Sassy Woman my OWN! I love my blog and the fact that NO ONE can claim A Sassy Woman makes me feel extremely wonderful and grateful. A Sassy Woman started off as just a twitter name then progressed to a Tumblr, then a WordPress and NOW ASassyWoman.Com 🙂 Thank you to all that read my blog and leave sweet comments. I always enjoy reading them. You all are appreciated!!

Ok now let’s move on the the good stuff!!! As you all know I love love Accessories. Within the last month I have purchased a couple of accessories and I thought that it would be nice to share with you all what I purchased. All of the items that I purchased range from $1-$20. So let’s get to it!

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1.) Gold Circle Necklace: Forever 21. This item can be worn with dresses, tops, tube tops, etc. I love it and when I find some earrings that will look nice with it I am going to wear it. This item was only $5. 2.)Multi-colored necklace: Thierry Accessories. I have plenty of necklaces but I do not have a chunky necklace so when I saw this necklace on the Thierry website I knew I had to buy it. I have worn it to work a couple of times and I have received a couple of compliments. The price of the necklace is $12.87. 3.)Flower/Beaded Necklace: Charlotte Russe. I purchased this necklace at the Charlotte Russe Outlet in Orlando a few weeks ago. Isn’t it cute? I plan to pair it with a cute work outfit and maybe even a casual outfit. Hopefully I will wear it soon so that you can see it. I remember it was only $5. 4.) Rusted Gold Studs: MIA Accessory store. Thought these earrings were cute so they came home with me lol. Priced at only $3. 5.) Leaf rings: MIA Accessory store. Both of these rings are unique and I have been looking for some new rings for a while. Can’t wait to wear them. The price for each ring is $2.

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6.) Gold Leaf hoops: ALDO Accessories. I purchased these earrings at Fashion’s Night Out! I like them a lot but they are kind of heavy lol. It will just take some getting used to. 7.) Karen Earrings: Thierry-Accessories. I love these earrings. I wore them for the first time this past week when I went out to dinner. They aren’t that heavy either. These stunning gold earrings cost me $15.87. 8.) Leaf drop Earrings: ALDO Accessories. I also purchased these earrings on Fashion’s Night Out. It was a 2 for 1 deal so thats how I ended up with the leaf hoops. So for both earrings I paid $10. 9.) Rusted Shell Earrings: Broward Accessory store. They were priced at $1 so I bought them lol. 10.) Lia Earrings: Thierry-Accessories. I have been eyeing these for a while and decided to buy them. I love that the earrings have a cute design and has a lot of color. They are priced at $12.87 11.) Amari Silver Earrings: Thierry-Accessories. I needed some new silver earrings and since I am going through my leaf phase right now I thought I’d purchase these lol. I paid $7.87.

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12.) Turquoise drop Earrings: MIA Accessory store. I wanted to add some more color to my earring collection so I thought these would be a nice addition. These are priced at $3. 13.) Black Chandelier Earrings: MIA Accessory store. I love these!! They look really cute on. They were only $3. 14.) Black drop Earrings: MIA Accessory store. These are cute and casual. Love them. These earrings are priced at $2. 15.) Wooden bracelet: Broward Accessory store. This bracelet was $1 so I bought it lol. 16.) Animal Print Bangle: MIA Accessory store. I loved this color on the bracelet and I don’t think that I have any animal print bracelets. I think the bracelet cost me $2. 17.) Purple Chandelier Earrings: MIA Accessory store. I thought these were cute and they only cost $3.

Below are Accessory Frames that myself and my two friends created. I just recently made another necklace frame because my first one had too much stuff on it. So now I have two. My friend’s did a great job and they find there accessory frames to be quite useful. If you keep your jewelry in a bag, a case, a drawer, etc. and you are tired of everything being tangled up, Click HERE and you can read the post that I did on it a few months back. I give thorough instructions on how to create your own necklace and earring frame. ENJOY!

Well folks I hope you enjoyed my accessory haul. If you are looking to add some new pieces to your jewelry box I have listed my top 10 Accessory stores. Hopefully you find some neat pieces while browsing these sites/locations.

1. Thierry-Accessories

2. Chic Therapy

3. DealPulp

4. Miami Accessory Store -Located in Miami Gardens! 

5. Pulling Strings

6. Pretty Prissy

7. M Renee Design

8. Forever 21 Accessories

9. Charming Charlie

10. Mimiboutique

Thanks for reading!!




8 comments on “My 1st Accessory Haul

  1. You found some cute stuff!!! I need to go on an accessory shopping trip too…I’ve been wearing the same earrings everyday for WAY too long lol

  2. If possible could you list the address of the Accessory Store in Miami? I live in Miramar and would love to visit the store and purchase some items!

  3. Cool stuff. My favs are: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 15 and 16. I need to do somethign with my accessories like buy a jewelry case from JcPenny or BIg Lots.

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