Smile…It’s free therapy!

Hello my lovelies!!! I have missed writing on here sooooooooooo much! I looked at my last post and it was on August 16!! OMG. I don’t know what got into me. Between starting back to work and studying for the GRE…I am a busy lady!! Sometimes I get frustrated from everything that is going on but when the going gets tough..I smile…It’s free therapy! I always remind myself that this is only temporary and then I move forward with my day!

The weather hasn’t been good in South Florida lately either. It has rained for 7 days straight 😦 Which means I have not been able to get good pictures at all. I do have some stuff to share with you all but I will save that info for my upcoming posts. Well if you follow me on twitter and facebook you already knew that I was featured on the lovely Cathy’s blog called Minister of Style for Florida Bloggers Bring the Heat! Two of my blogging buddies (Curves and Confidence and Rush Our Fashion) were also featured on her blog as well. If you have not checked out the blog post please head on over to see us!

Ok, enough of my rambling and apologies lol. Let’s move on to the good stuff. Earlier tonight I went to eat dinner at Bahama Breeze! I love this restaurant and I usually order the same dish EVERY time lol. The Jerk Chicken Pasta is my FAV. This dish includes: jerk chicken breast, fresh asparagus, mushrooms tossed in a rich parmesan-herb sauce with bow tie past.  Doesn’t that sound good? Great food always puts a smile on my face. I usually clean my plate each time I have it lol. #Noshame. ↓ I felt the need to have a fruity alcoholic drink so I picked the Breezy Sangria. It was delicious!

In a couple of days I plan to add a category to my blog called “Schooling Life” where I talk about my day at work, show you neat things that my students made and of course what I wore to work that day. I want to separate my blogposts about work, my days on weekend and night life. Beyonce inspired me to start this new category from her song off her deluxe album “Schooling Life”. If you haven’t heard it then you are missing out. It’s my default ringtone. I love that song! I think I listen to it every morning on my way to work lol. I plan to start the category next week so look out for that!

Tank:XX21/Jeans:Marshalls/Shoes:Jessica Simpson/Belt:XX21/Necklace:Chico's/Earrings:Gift from Sister/Clutch:Steve Madden/Ring:XX21/Big Bracelet:Accessory Store

I wanted to go to dinner tonight very casual so I opted for a Forever 21 racer back tank. Instead of wearing my regular skinny jeans I decided to wear my wide legged denim jeans! I scored these jeans at Marshall’s for only $10. I’m #winning! lol

Since I didn’t get a good shot of my jewelry at the restaurant I decided to give you all a close up! I love all these pieces and how they flow together. The earrings and the necklace are not a set but they match so well that it could actually be one.

Well everyone I hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend!! I hope to be back to blogging more frequently next week. Have a great night and thanks for reading! Don’t forget to SMILE…It’s Free Therapy!



9 comments on “Smile…It’s free therapy!

  1. Ohh wow this is giving me quite a great appetite and it doesn’t help that your fruity drink looks very tasty 🙂 You have a contagious smile and your outfit is laid back chill yet very cutee.

  2. I love sangria i will have to go there next time I am down south. I like how your jeans cover your feet, your so little lol…Great outfit though sis…and will make an effort to keep smiling because it is indeed a great therapy 🙂

  3. I love Bahama Breeze, I haven’t been there in sooo long. I love your hair curly and those jeans are #pow! on you. Love the entire outfit especially the accessories. I think the Schoolin Life idea is great!

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  5. The first time I visited Bahama Breeze was in Orlando and the food was fantastic. I like your hair and accessories which took your look up a notch.

  6. The jerk chicken pasta sounds yummy!! You look too cute in this outfit and the jeans are really nice…especially for 10 bucks! Your jewelry and accessories are great too – I need the purse and the necklace 🙂

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