The Help

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Good Morning lovelies!!! I hope you have a terrific Thursday! If you follow me on twitter then you already know that I went to see The Help yesterday. I absolutely loved the movie! But I’ve heard from a couple of folks that the book was better than the movie. I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet but I definitely plan to.

Of course I wasn’t able to relate to what the African-American women went through in the movie but I do have several family members who were maids for white families. My great aunt is 103 years old and is still living. She and my grandmother who is 85 years old, actually raised white children just like Minnie and Aibileen. I love hiistory and learning about how far African-American women and men have come. This is definitely a must see movie. Ladies please take your tissues because you will cry at least 2 times! Thanks for stopping by.✌

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4 comments on “The Help

  1. Love the outfit and I especially love the bag and the fedora hat..very cute!! I can’t wait to see this movie and thanks for sharing.

    BTW thanks so much for stopping by my blog and visiting..I so appreciate the love and enjoy your weekend!!

  2. 1- I am hoping that I can get my hands in the book because it looks very interesting
    2-I love your outfit 🙂 it is definitely something I see myself wearing

  3. This movie was amazing. I was laughing and crying. I just felt so emotional, thinking of what our ancestors went through black and white to try and bring equal rights…:-/. I really want to read the book

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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