Chic Therapy Giveaway

Hello everyone!! I promised you all last week when I announced my previous giveaway that I would be doing another giveaway soon. Well you are in for a treat! Chic Therapy Accessories was kind enough to giveaway these chic fabric bangles. ALL of the accessories on Chic Therapy’s site are hand made and the pieces are inspired by the owner’s love for vibrant colors and traditional African print fabric. For more information please visit Below are the guidelines for the giveaway!!!

Chic Therapy Giveaway Guidelines

(Mandatory 2 entries)

  1. If you have already won a giveaway within the last 2 months please allow others a chance to win 
  2. You must be a subscriber of +1 (leave a comment stating that you are a subscriber of my blog)
  3. You must follow @ChicTherapy1 on twitter and Chic Therapy on FB. + 1 (leave a comment stating that you are following Chic Therapy on twitter and on FB) 
  4. Must reside in the United States.
(BONUS, 1 entry)
1. Tweet —-> I just entered @sassywoman25 giveaway for a chance to win one of a kind bracelets by @ChicTherapy1
+1 (leave a comment stating that you tweeted about the giveaway) 

Contest starts Now August 9 and ends August 15 at 12 noon

Good Luck!!!

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