Let’s review some hair care products

Good Morning lovelies!!! Happy Saturday! What do you all have planned for today? I have a couple of things that I need to get accomplished today and places to go. But before I do all of that I wanted to show and review some hair products that I have used/tried in the past month. The first product is the one above called Shed No More Normalizing Shampoo. My hair has been doing MUCH better than it has in the past and I am so excited. It has grown out a lot and is thicker as well. But even though my hair has gotten a lot better my hair still sheds a little more than I would like. So I decided to try out this product and see what it would do. Well…it was a complete FAIL! lol I did not see any results and I was quite disappointed to be honest. If your hair has the tendency to shed a little more than you would like and you are looking for a great shampoo to use I would NOT recommend this one. ☒ Let’s move on to the next product…

Kera Care is FAV hair care brand to use hands down. They are just a little pricey lol. Well, one of my friends was suffering from bad dandruff and very dry scalp. She would try and oil her hair as often as she can, especially since she goes to the gym often and you know sweating will make your hair dry. I advised her to go to the nearest beauty supply store and look into getting a shampoo that will keep the dandruff away and not make her scalp so dry. We ended up going to the store a few weeks ago and one of the sales associates recommended Kera Care-Anti-Dandruff Moisturizing Shampoo. She said that it will get rid of dandruff completely. Well folks, my friend used it and on the FIRST wash all of her dandruff went away! She could work out and it not come back and her scalp wasn’t dry anymore either. If you are looking for a product that will make your dandruff vanish I definitely recommend purchasing this product! The price of this product is $16.99 + tax (in stores)! It’s worth it. ☑

Next product! I told you I love Kera Care products lol. This product is my FAV! It is called Kera Care- Conditioning Creme Hairdress. This product is great for when you first wash your hair and you don’t want your hair to be so greasy. The moisturizer is very light and it smells very good. I put it on my hair after I rinse out the conditioner and once my hair is dry I may add a little more before I flat iron my hair. I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a great moisturizer. The product costs $13.99 + tax. ☑

Last but not least is the Creme of Nature Nourishing Conditioner .OMG! This stuff is amazing. Not only does it smell yummy but it leaves your hair feeling silky and moisturized. I love it! I am definitely going back to the store and getting the Shampoo that goes with it. I leave it for about 20 minutes and put my Microfiber towel on my head so the conditioner can soak in really well. I’ve found that towel to be very helpful. This is another product that I would recommend. This product only costs $3.99 + tax. ☑

Hair care is very important and you can have beautiful hair when you have the right products. I do have to say that my hair really grew out a lot when I was wearing my hair curly. I wasn’t putting any heat on my hair and it was getting a lot of nourishment from the leave in conditioner and coconut oil that I was using. I got a relaxer last month and my hair is doing pretty good. I wash my hair every week because I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and by the 4th day my hair is DONE! The key is to condition your hair and keep it moisturized.

Well folks, I hope that you have enjoyed my hair product review and that it was helpful.
Thanks for stopping by ✌.



5 comments on “Let’s review some hair care products

  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this info!! I’m trying to find out different products to try on my hair since becoming natural. I will definitely be investing in a couple of those you recommended! Thank you ASW!

  2. I like Creme of Nature and Keracare products. I haven’t tried the other products though. My hair going through heaving shedding during the winter. I may have to try the no shedding product. Does it have sulphur in it?

  3. Yes the Anti-Shedding shampoo will definitely work!! It does contain sulfur. You don’t like sulfur in your products?

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