Weddings leave Everlasting Memories…

Good morning my lovely readers!! How was your weekend? My weekend was great. I traveled to Tampa for a wedding that was absolutely beautiful. The wedding was held at the A La Carte Pavilion in Tampa, Florida. The brides dress was gorgeous, food was delicious, the music was on point and the decorations were impeccable!! I surely did enjoy myself. I hadn’t been to Tampa since last year so I took advantage of visiting as many friends as possible. Many of my readers may not know this but I graduated from the University of South Florida which is located in Tampa! Below are some pictures that I took at the wedding. Enjoy 🙂

Beautiful Cake

Love it

Outfit Deets–> Dress: Julie Dillon sold at Last Call Neiman Marcus or SYMS /Shoes:Jessica Simpson/Earrings:XX21/Bracelet:OLD

Fabulous Friends!! SN: My Preggo friend is drinking Sprite 🙂

My date for the evening 🙂

*If your favorite part of a wedding isn’t up there on the poll feel free to share your comments below!

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Thanks for stopping by readers and I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Talk to you soon ✌.




12 comments on “Weddings leave Everlasting Memories…

  1. How pretty was this wedding? I loved the runner! And you were too sassy. The dress kills. The entire look was wedding attire perfect. I can’t get enough of JS’s shoes. Your sister is quite a cutie too. I’m heading to a wedding in South Fla on the 20th. My dress has a floral print too. Great minds (wink).

  2. Beautiful!! Summer weddings are the best… you guys look so nice.
    Are you and your sister twins?! My gosh you guys look identical!

  3. Hi! Just found your blog by way of Curves and Confidence! Love it! This post is the, the wedding pictures are gorgeous and made my heart flutter! So Pretty!

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