A Belle in Brooklyn

Good morning my lovely readers! Happy Wednesday to all. I hope you all have been doing well. I am currently on summer break and loving it. The only problem is that I wake up EARLY..Like around 7 lol. My body is still used to me waking up really early so hopefully by next week I will start sleeping in more.

Ok now let’s talk about the good stuff. I enjoy reading and I love finding new interesting novels to read throughout the year but I usually have the most time to read during the summer time because my schedule is a lot less hectic.I went to Barnes and Nobles yesterday and purchased a book by wonderful journalist/author, by the name of Demetria Lucas called A Belle in Brooklyn. I do realize that some of you all do not know who she is, so I am going to share with you a little piece of her background. Demetria Lucas, resides in the beautiful city of New York and is a writer for Essence. She discusses issues on relationships, dating and pop culture! She is known also for hosting her peachy “Cocktails with Belle” and “Brunch with Belle”. From the looks of the pictures and the feedback from individuals who attend, her events are always a success. She started a blog about 4 years ago that focused on being happy while single. It is mostly geared toward’s black women because we are looked at as the highest rate of women who aren’t married yet and have to raise children alone and single! It is very upsetting but it is reality. Since, she has received such an enormous amount of feedback from her blog she was encouraged to write a book about her life, living your best single life and enjoying Mr. Right Now!

A Belle in Brooklyn Book signing June 13, 2011

A Belle in Brooklyn Book signing June 13, 2011

I feel as though women in general get sucked up in the normality of life (Husband, kids and a dog). Sometimes we tend to think that if we are single then something must be wrong with us. There are a million + women who are single and it is not because something is wrong with them, it could be a number of reasons such as, “I don’t want to settle”, “I am focusing on my career right now”, “Bad break up”, etc. Everyone women wants to fall in love and the biggest thing that we want is for someone to love us back! Love is beautiful but I’ve learned that love is a commitment. There are several couples who have been married 20 to 30 to 40 to 50 years because they are committed to one another. I look at that and I would love to have that one day and I know that in due time I will. But until that day comes along, as women we have to put ourselves first and focus on OUR goals. God put each and everyone of us on this earth for a reason and it is important that we take advantage of our talents before it is too late.

I encourage you all to purchase Demetria’sbook because her stories are real and they test your knowledge on how to handle or could have handled certain situations. Hopefully I will be done with the book by the end of this week but I am kind of busy because my family reunion is this weekend plus fathers day on Sunday so I am swamped. Oh and one more thing even if you are in a relationship or married the book is still a good read! It is always great to support our black authors. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and thanks for reading! Feel free to share with me your thoughts on today’s post.

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7 comments on “A Belle in Brooklyn

  1. I started reading the book today, so far its really funny and real! I like that its not really a “how to be single and happy guide”, you know with a random woman telling you what you’re doing wrong and what you should being but instead its more of a “these are my experiences while being single and fab”.

    • Carly I was thinking the SAME thing! That is why I enjoy reading her novel. She keeps it real and also shares advice at the same time.

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