What a Day!

Tunic:XX21/Tights:Old/Cardigan:H&M/Shoes:Steve Madden/Bracelet:Parents bought it for me in Africa/Ring:XX21/Earrings:Random/Sunnies:XX21

Good afternoon my lovely readers!!! I hope all is well with you all. I’ve been having a pretty good week so far…can’t really complain! Yesterday, after work I went to the gym with one of my friends and we had a good workout. I’ve been going to the gym consistently now and I am very proud of myself. I attend the gym atleast 2 to 3 times a week! I am starting to see some results from going but I am far from where I want my body to be. I can hear some of you saying “You look fine to me”. Yes! I may appear small but I still need to stay healthy and the only way to do that is for me to exercise like I’ve said a numerous amount of times! It is also great to find a workout buddy! My friend and I motivate each other and it makes working out fun. Thanks Camille 🙂

Well after my awesome workout I came home and I was ready to announce the winner of my giveaway and then my blog had an error message every time I tried to upload pictures or save my post! I was so sad. I wanted to upload my OOTD and couldn’t do it so now I’m sharing with you all what I wore. THEN…The MIAMI HEAT lost which was not a good because now the series is tied up 2-2! I am praying that we win game 5 else we are going to be in big trouble.

I dressed down yesterday as you can see! There are only 2 more days left of work. Thank the Lord! Ready to enjoy my summer vacation!! Speaking of summer…What are your plans for summer? Well I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday and thanks for stopping by ✌.



3 comments on “What a Day!

  1. Love the color of your tunic, and your sandals are cute. I was disappointed with the Heat losing as well =( I am going to summer classes so my plans are limited but I will get a couple trips in! Do you teach over the summer?

  2. I love those shoes I want them!!! and i wish i could be done with work in 2 days :(…ive been going to the gym 3 times a week…i want to be healthy too 🙂

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