My First Giveaway with Olive Paperie!!

I am EXTREMELY excited to announce my first ever blog giveaway!!! About two weeks ago I shared with you all my lovely stationary set which was created and designed by the lovely Dana owner of Olive Paperie Custom Design + Stationary! Since I received awesome feedback from all my lovely readers and friends I decided to team up with Olive Paperie and allow one lucky reader a chance to win their own personalized stationary set! I do realize that the majority of my readers are women but I do have a few men who read my blog as well so I encourage everyone to participate because she can design stationary sets for men and women! It is very simple but you must follow the rules.



Rules for the Olive Paperie Stationary Set Contest

(Mandatory 1 entry)

  1. You must be subscriber of (Email Subscription, if you haven’t subscribed it is never too late)
  2.  Leave a comment on this post on how you plan on using your stationary set or share ideas on what you plan on placing on your cards. 
  3. “Like” my A Sassy Woman FB page.
  4.  Must reside in the United States.

(Bonus Entries, Total 2 entries)

  1. Follow Olive Paperie on Twitter (leave an additional comment stating that you are following her on twitter)
  2. Follow me on Bloglovin (leave an additional comment stating that you are following me on bloglovin’)

Contest starts Now (May 30) and ends June 7! Good Luck 🙂

*The more entries that you do, increases your chances in winning the giveaway!!


33 comments on “My First Giveaway with Olive Paperie!!

  1. I love Olive Paperie, I think that she is super talented! I love any type of stationery so I would use it to send little notes of appreciation to people.

  2. Yay!!! first giveaway and I love that it’s something that everyone can use. Every month I send emails to old mentors, college professors and friends thanking them for putting up with my “strong personality” and sticking with me. I have wanted to start handwriting these thank you notes and this would be perfect!

  3. Of course I subscribe!!! I look forward to all of your post! I “LIKE” you on Facebook as well 🙂 Since reading your blog, I have become a lot more in tune with the girly girl I now realize I truly am. I love that your style is unique and I realize fashion is so much more than just shopping, it’s an expression of several things that make up your personality. Olive Paperie, simply put, is an interesting form of expression that uniquely describes the designer. An expression that can be used to brighten someone’s day. A unique token to let someone know how special they truly are. With Olive Paperie I can not only personalize my message, but the delivery with the unique designs. I plan to use these to highlight the simple things in life like saying I love you, or letting someone know I am thinking about them. Great post Ash!

  4. YAY for free stuff!!! I would use it to send mail to my family since I am going to be away for medical school..little reminders of how i love them 🙂

  5. I am a follower via Bloglovin! I will most likely use my stationary as thank you notes for the blog. I like A Sassy Woman on FB.

    Woohoo!!! CONGRATS on your first giveaway, girlie! Exciting stuff!

  6. I would use my stationary to capture this moment in my life.. almost 26 and ready for the next chapter. I would used the stationary to send “love notes” to my friends and family. I already know which item I would use for the cards and color scheme 🙂

  7. I love to hand write letters and send cards to my friends and family. I have loved ones scattered all across the world and having a personalized stationary set would allow me to send them a little piece of me through the mail.

  8. Congrats on your first giveaway!!! Of course I’m a subscriber!! I would use te stationary set to send notes to my friends in different cities 🙂

  9. Cool idea Ash…stationary is always useful to jot down notes and/or use as reminders…something I need because I forget EVERYTHING!

  10. 1st I would like to thank the company “Olive Paperie” and also the editor of “Asassywoman” for the opportunity, I’m a fan of the work that they do! But lets get down to business. I recently started a clothing company called “Dream Era Clothing” and I would use my stationary set as a thank you card to the customers that make a purchase.

  11. Never heard of Olive Paperie Custom Design + Stationary. Great Idea and very cool company. Congrats. =) Btw…I’d use the stationary for my marriage proposal announcements.

  12. I love the great responses to this giveaway.Ashely, thank you for the opportunity to collaborate with you! I want to bring back the forgotten written hand notes to the masses lol!!

  13. I love the great responses to this giveaway.Ashley, thank you for the opportunity to collaborate with you! I want to bring back the forgotten written hand notes to the masses lol!!

  14. I would love to see the options i do have using the stationary set… I’m already thinking greeting cards, for work or maybe for invitations to a housewarming I am trying to organize soon 🙂

  15. YES!! Was not hard at all!!!!! I did all the steps easy as pie!!! I love you girl.. good luck to all the contestants!!!

  16. I follow through your RSS feed and I liked you on FB (S. Carr). I am big on giving gifts, so this stationary would be a perfect way to add a personalized note to all my gifts!

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