My 25th Birthday Celebration

Good afternoon my LOVELY readers!!! Oh, how I have missed you all! I’m sorry that I went ghost on you all for a couple of days but I have been focused on making sure everything ran smoothly for my birthday festivities! Everything turned out AWESOME! This birthday was my BEST birthday thus far! I am truly blessed to have some amazing people in my life and the fact that they went out their way celebrate my birthday with me and wish me a happy birthday meant sooOOOooOo much to me! Words can’t even describe how happy I was and still am! Ok so Saturday night we all went to a nightclub called Aizia which is located in Hollywood, Fl. Above and below are some pictures of my friends and I at the club.

Dress:Kardashian dress from Bebe/Shoes:Michael Shannon/Earrings:Amuse

We had such a great time! Yesterday, was my actual birthday and I turned 25!! I had a birthday dinner at Benihana (a Japanese steakhouse) which was turned out to be another successful night! Everyone enjoyed themselves which made me happy! Below are some pictures from my birthday dinner ↓ (I had two tables full of guests but I did not think that they would like for their pictures to be shown on my blog). If you are friends with me on facebook then you can actually see all of the pictures from both events. Feel free to find me. My name is Ashley Lorraine on FB 🙂

Well folks as you can see I truly enjoyed my birthday! I had a blast and I pray that I get to see many many more! I hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks for reading ✌.

What do you all think of my birthday outfits?



6 comments on “My 25th Birthday Celebration

  1. Yay!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looks like you had a FABULOUS time and girl, that dress is HOT!!!! You betta work!

    The benihana outfit is also very cute! perfect for dinner. Great choice!

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