Mix and Match day at school LOL!!

Red checkerboard shirt:Urban Outfitters/Culottes:Mom gave them to me/Stockings:Random/Sock:Random/Red sneaker:Nike High tops/Pink and black sneaker:Nike running shoes/Pearls:Claires/Gold necklace:Kohls/Brooch:Random/Earrings:Purchased in the Bahamas/Sunnies:XX21/Rings:xx21 and Miami accessory store

Good evening my wonderful readers!! I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday. Well as you can see this post is completely different than any others lol. This week is spirit week for the school where I teach and each day the students are asked to wear certain items. Today was Mix and Match day. Can you guess who was best dressed? ME! I did better than the students! It took me a total of 10 minutes to get dressed. I basically just threw on all of these clothes. I felt very silly but I remember when I was in grade school I never really participated in mix and match day so I decided to join in with the kids. Oh they loved it! Its fun to just step out of your comfort zone and do something that you doubt you would ever do.

Yes I do wear sneakers. I own a couple of pair. I rarely wear sneakers though unless I am working out or I will wear my red converse. My mother wore these shorts back in the 80’s and she gave them to me a while back and I think that I could actually make them look cute but today they were going to look a mess along with my other items that I threw together.

*This Wednesday 20, 2011 I advise you to hurry into your nearest Kohls department store. They are having a ONE DALE SALE  from 8am-11pm. A great amount of store items will be 50% off! I will definitely be there!! Hopefully I can get some cute stuff :).

Well I hope you all enjoyed my post and I gave you a good laugh. Its fun to do crazy things sometimes. Life is way too short to be serious all the time. Have a great night and thanks for reading ✌.




3 comments on “Mix and Match day at school LOL!!

  1. First of all your wearing shorts???? that def looks like a skirt lol
    Second of all dont act like you own sneakers..the ones in these pics are the only two you own…any others are from high school and dont count lol
    Third of all I love your hair do, top and accessories

    Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun! Love your outfit of choice!! The sneakers are hot, both of them 🙂 Oh yeah, your hair is super cute!

  3. This is nothing new, you dress like this all the time! lol. Just playing. Ur shoe game iight tho!!

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